Elancie crash and review 2021

Network marketing as being a world of business where people earns and business owners increases their business sales, but today the very down side of network marketing is; they are lot of scams platform who looks promising, trustworthy, legit at first glance or when they are newly launched but i tell you almost %60---%70 have inferior motive to ripped off your hard earned money at the end, this brought us to today topic about Elancie network marketing platform which is said to have stopped paying it's earners (those that performs task for them) and before then the company promise taking leave of two weeks which later turns out to be more than three weeks. 

Note: Am not here to condemn, downgrade or speak hateful words against Elancie network marketing platform am simply here to bring to your notice what the have done lately, but i don't know if they are back, running and withdrawals are processed, so be the judge your self whether Elancie network marketing platform will crash or have crashed and for the review Elancie network marketing platform as turned out to be positive since it arrival.

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