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Blogspot seo is all about making our blogspot-blogs more readable, visible and understandable to search engines crawlers for fast indexing & crawling which is something each and every blogspot users should be in search for, because by optimizing our blogspot blogs to it's maximum, we benefits greatly from search engines in aspect of driving pure free organic traffics to our sites.

Is blogspot good for seo?

Yes blogspot is more than good enough for seo because with little touches on blogspot seo settings your blog becomes more visible on search engine and its posts ranking high simply because blogspot is owned by Google which is the most use search engine on the planet earth and it's also known to be the best cms platform for beginners.

Why blogspot seo 

This is essential for those looking for increase in organic traffics and AdSense earning revenues for their blogspot blogs because the clicks coming from search engine most precisely Google tends to convert more revenues than social media traffics.

Blogspot seo tips and settings

Here i will explain to you things you need to do to make your blog more visible and optimizing for great results.

1). You need to start by submitting your blogspot sitemap url in Google, Bing and other search engine you want to attract organic traffics from in the right way: Many missed this step which is the most essential required action on your end to enable search engine crawlers gain full access to your entire sites both in contents, urls, images, logo just everything on your sites, though we were made to understand that even if we don't submit sitemap to search engine, it's crawlers will find and locate our newly launch blogs naturally, well it true but to make it faster you need to submit it manually.

2). Optimise your custom robots tag for best results or better still leave it the way it is, because blogger platform as already set it to give maximum search visibility: I suggest you leave it because am using the default blogspot setting and my blog posts is ranking and you can also choose to optimize it but make sure you follow the below for best results.

Homepage: Tick only (all and noodp)

Archive and search pages: Tick (noindex and noodp)

Default for posts and pages: Check only a box next to (all).

3). Make your blogspot blog load faster: Speed is required for ranking high on search engine most especially Google that is why most blogs ranking high are built through WordPress because most of them are very fast with amp plugin activated but since blogspot don't have such feature the only thing we can do is; reduce the size of the pictures we use in our contents, remove unused CSS and JavaScript codes, widgets and other things that can cause rendering blocking in our site. Use Google page speed to check your website overall speed and use it precision to make your blog load more faster.

4). Install seo friendly template: Nice looking template isn't what you need for your blog but seo friendly template which search engine crawlers can easily reads and translate it's codes and i suggest you download from way2templates, sora, templateyard etc just make sure it is friendly with search engine.

5). Build backlinks to your blogspot blogs to increase it's domain authority: Gaining authority to one's site is something everyone in blogging sphere can not escape and through high authoritative sites linking to your blogger blog your website began to gain some authority which in return means more visibility and more traffics from search engines.

6). Get a domain name: This is not necessarily in seo ranking but it's good you purchase a custom domain name for your blog because it makes it easier for your audience to remember should in case them want to return or recommend your site to others

7). Choose a title and remember to add keywords to your homepage meta tag through the setting option in your blogspot dashboard: Most blogspot users tend to forget this important aspect that is mostly required for easy understandable of our blogs contents, this most times search engine crawlers read or uses it to determine what a site is all about.

For example mine is kenlegit's blogging & business tips as the title and it homepage meta-tag (blogging tips, adsense, seo, blogger, wordpress, business ideas and tips). you can see even without me telling you about my site just by looking at the title and meta-tag you can easily tell what will be found on my site when visited. so make sure you don't forget using it and make sure it carrys targeted keywords.

On page SEO Blogger and how to rank blogspot on google

Ranking your blogspot blog on google is not hard any more since the above mentioned as being put in action all that remains is to know how to rank your publish posts, which am going to be explaining the on page seo now.

1). Learn how to keyword research: Before writing on an topic try conducting a keyword research, by so doing you get to know "what" and "how" people craves for contents on the web alongside with monthly search volume of the keyword. 

2). Learn how to write unique and seo friendly contents: It very easy to scrapped contents from other source to your website but not easy to create one from scratch so learn to write yours based on your knowledge, experience, continue with the below steps and see if your posts will not rank high.

3). Use custom permalink and remember to add keywords to your posts permalink because default permalink on post are set to reduce length of whatever thing you titled your post since it automatically uses the title tag.

4). Add keywords to your post titles and also learn how to use heading tags correctly when writing your blog posts.

5). Optimise your image with target keywords through alt tag and image title tag.

6). Use no follow tags when linking to external website to avoid mistakenly links to penalized website.

7). Add label to your blog posts and make sure it related to your contents.

8). Publish your blog posts on social media platform, get likes, share and comments, by so doing you are given signals to search engine crawlers telling them how meaningful and unique your article is.

Template blogspot seo

Having said this earlier you need responsive seo friendly template installed on your blog if you want to rank high on search engines and to know which template is best for seo, you need to download from well known developer website which i always suggest downloading from Sora, way2templates and templateyard.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, feel free to drop off your comment share and always visit for latest updates.