best content for adsense

Previously, i have written articles on how to solve some specific Adsense rejection messages and things to put in place before applying for Adsense on your website. but today am going to be adding to what i have written earlier in this post about Adsense approval tricks which is best content for adsense approval.

Best content for adsense approval with high pays

They are numerous things a blogger can write or talk about in his blog but believe me or not many faces Adsense rejection messages because they are simply publishing contents against Adsense policy and some on the other hand are posting contents on niches that are over saturated thus making them got rejected each time they applied for Adsense, so to help you i decided to came up with this piece so as for you to know which contents to post on your website if you are in need of Adsense approval.

1). Story contents: 

This i started with when i first launch my blog because stories you prepared from your head are not saturated or copyrighted materials and it is one of the best i suggest you to write articles on before dashing or incorporating other niches into your blog. So write more about 20--25 articles of about 400---800 words then start applying for Adsense and don't feel discouraged whenever you got rejected i also got rejected more than three times.

2). Relationship contents: 

This niche is unsaturated like others, infact if you write well without using wrongful adults contents, images or words you will gain approval easily because i believe many bloggers writing on this niche must have seen and experience alot in things relating to relationship matters. 

3). Educational contents: 

Publishing contents about educational affairs can help you gain Adsense approval easily and the reason i included this on the list is that; Adsense loves contents that will impact life positively and education is the only key that can guarantee one success.

4). Business contents: 

Without business tips and ideas no one will know how far a business will go if indulge in it, so if you prepare and write something meaningful about business then your approval is sure.

5). Blogging tips contents: 

Each and everyday numerous things about blogging is surfacing which bloggers needs to implement on their blogs for meaningful results. so writing contents about blogging tips can also help you gain  AdSense approval but mind you need to be  know more about blogging before you could teach others.

6). Tech contents: 

Writing about technology tips is another great and contents to secure Adsense approval easily because the world we are today is more of technology and when you discussed about tech tips people tend to love it.

7). Finance contents: 

8). Investment tips contents: 

Note: All the above listed niches are high paying and easy to gain AdSense approval contents but always have this at the back of your mind that if you scrapped, copyright or steal someone else contents to your blog for the purpose of getting Adsense approval, then you are not going to gain the approval, all you are allowed to do is read people contents and use them to create a new version better than those you read then it will be considered copyright free and unique.

Saturated with less earnings contents

Saturated contents are contents that are all over the web thus making it hard for a publisher to be accepted into Adsense advertising network and also less in earnings both in click through rate "cpc"and cost per mile "lmpression" after manage gaining approval.

So here are the lists of the contents to avoid if you want to be successful with Adsense.

1). Sports contents

2). News contents

3). Music contents

4). Video contents

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, feel free to drop off your comment, share and always visit for latest updates.