Why do people buy iPhones

They are several reasons why people buy iphones even when they are fully aware how expensive iPhone cost. well it a matter of choice and desires because if i have the money i will simply get one for myself, but for now android phone remains the best option for me. So here in today's article i will be sharing with you the very reasons why people buy iPhones, but before i do, let me quickly explain this in few sentences what are iPhones.

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iPhones are products of apple company which came in existence in the year 2007 and since then people have being going crazy about holding one.

Why do people buy iPhone

1). For fashion: 

This reasons always comes first for some people because they believe just holding an iPhone makes others thinks highly of them, some even went to an extent of getting a scrap or borrowed iPhone just to showcase themselves but the truth remains all of that is for fashion.

2). Wonderful applications: 

iPhones have the most suitable and wonderful applications than any phone manufacturer and most of their applications runs smoothly, fast and enticing, that too can make you go for an iPhone if you manage to discover how promising their apps is.

3). Best camera: 

Every one loves it whenever they took a picture of something or themselves and it appears just like the original copy. Well other phones like the Android have some manufactured phones with sharp, and beautiful cameras but none of them could beat that of iPhones because iPhones are specifically made for snapping.

4). The chassis are uniquely made: 

Everything about iPhones is peculiar from it chassis always known as "casing" are
uniquely made which can makes one fall in love at first sight and they is this apple logo that makes people easily recognized iPhones even when you place iPhone on your ear.

5). Easy to trace if lost or stolen: 

iPhones are made with the most secure operating system that cannot be easily bypass when stolen, infact there is a tracker installed inside which makes it very easy to locate your phone when it get lost or stolen.

6). Large internal storage:

iPhones internal storage will surprise you because some came with 250Gb and even more, which is the same thing with that of a desktop computer or laptop. Imagine you having access to such storage space, i guess you will also go for iPhones.

That is that about why does everyone buy iphones.

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