micro niche blog ideas in nigeria

Blogging is sweet and profitable when you got to see people landing on your website to get their problem solved or get themselves updated and also recommending to others and them returning to your website for more articles, because of the wonderful articles you have written. And that can only be achieved if you write on a micro niche though, a blogger is permitted to combine multiple niches together but what am saying is if one blog's on a micro niche it makes it very easier to target a specific audiences and attain success in a limited amount of time.

What is a micro niche? 

Micro niche is all about blogging on a particular niche rather than mixing or combining niches together in a blog. Example of a micro niche blog is when a blogger blog's about "Business" without switching or adding another niche like "Business and Blog tutorial". Many may ask why should i blog on micro niche in Nigeria.

Why blogging on micro niche in Nigeria?

Like i have said earlier blogging on a particular niche makes it more easier to target specific audiences and here in Nigeria most web surfers love a websites that focus on a particular niche because they believed micro niche blogs tends to go more deeper in explaining that particular niche which they have chosen to produce contents on. Again, it makes it very much faster to get or sort out posts they need in less amount of time.

Is blogging on micro niche boost a blog ranking?

Yes I will said because search engines crawlers thinks like human beings, they also believes if a blogger blog's and produces enough contents on a particular niche then he/she his an expert/experienced in that niche and that is why you see most micro niche blogs receives favor from Google and the rest search engines through ranking high more than a multiple niches blog.

Micro niche blog ideas in Nigeria

They are so many niches a blogger can focused on in Nigeria but not all are profitable so here right now i will be introducing you to those that are profitable and will drive huge traffics from search engines and social media to your blog.

1). Sport niche: This is one of the most profitable and a wonderful niche a blogger could use to explore here in Nigeria because teenage, children, adults, in fact every man both young and old loves talking about sports which makes them always getting themselves updated with the latest news on sports from the web.

2). Business niche: Here is another niche you as a blogger could focused on producing useful contents here in Nigeria, because without business tips and ideas no entrepreneur will know the regiment of business, so what am saying is business owners and even employees are searching on the web for business tips in other to equipped themselves and also apply it to them businesses.

3). Entertainment niche: Life without fun is useless and boring so here in Nigeria people loves an entertainment blogs and when i talks about entertainment niche as a micro niche i know many will said it is a multiple niches, well you are somehow correct but do know that entertainment niche could also becomes a micro niche if you focused on one aspect like for example you are only blogging about "celebrities" or "music" or "comedy" then you can called it micro niche but if you combined all in a blog automatically it turns to multi niche.

4). Blogging tips: Everyday thousands of blogs are been created and the web is always changing with different algorithms which bloggers have to acquired more knowledge about blogging else he/she will be left out. So many people searches for blogging tips day in day out here in Nigeria and other countries in other to be updated and up running.

5). Relationship niche: Many homes, marriages, relationship on fire today is as a result of them not having enough concrete understanding about what it means to be in relationship, and when you produce useful contents on relationship then you are helping them learn what a relationship entails, which could bring huge traffics to your site but before you could be of help, you need to be well experienced on relationship affairs.

6). Education niche: Nigeria may be lacking in other things which i will not mention but when it comes to getting ourselves educated we don't play, that makes many of us always searching online for educational tips to get updated 

Other micro niche ideas in Nigeria

1). Health niche

2). Music download niche

3). Food preparation niche

4). Job opportunities niche

5). Politics niche

6). Agriculture tips niche

7). Make money online niche etc.

I hope you enjoy reading this piece, feel free to drop your comments, share and always return for latest updates.