How to write a blog post for business

How to write a blog post for business

 Today's article is subdivided into two which is:

  •   Writing a blog post on business for (bloggers)
  •   Writing a blog post on business for (your company)

1. Writing a blog post for business (your company)

Creating a blog for your business is one of the most effective method of reaching out to fresh customers that are likely to be interested in buying your products, but creating alone is not enough to bring customers or sales to your company, what convey or convince someone to purchase from you is; How you present your blog post, this many find it very hard to come up with one and it really a waste of effort and resources if no one is purchasing when they lands on your company website.

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Benefits of blogging for your business

The one and only benefit you got from blogging for your business is; you get to meet or reach new customers that are interested in your products and that will bring in more sales to your company when they purchase.

How to write an effective blog post your business

If you want to write a blog post for your business then you need to apply the follows:

1). You need to learn how to draw people attention: 

Each time you want to write about fresh products on your company's website you need to start by drawing people attention, that can be achieved using a question based sentence. for example: My business is about selling of herbal medicine and i want to write a post on a particular product, i will start with a question like; "Do you know many people wastes most of their hard earned money treating themselves in the hospital, when they can become a doctor of themselves?" With that i have captured their minds and many will love to see the end of article.

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2). Include pictures of your products: 

Some people forget this important part which is not supposed to be so. because pictures of your products act as a preview of what they want to purchase.

3). Make sure your post is short with full details explaining your business and products: 

Writing a post for your business is not the same with steps bloggers took in writing articles, for effectiveness just make it short, grammar less, full details explaining your business and remember to include your contact address and phone number.

2. Writing a blog post for business (bloggers)

Blogging about business is a profitable niche, but do know that business niche is not like other niches that you can come up with an article without having knowledge about the topic. Business niche requires a lot of research, reading, experience and lot more before you could be able to satisfy your audience, as we all know in blogging satisfying blog readers with our contents should comes first before any other things.

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Benefits of blogging about business

1). Blogging about business is among keywords with high click through rate 'cpc' which advertisers bid on and by selecting business niche makes you earns huge revenue even with low traffics, in AdSense.

2). You got to attract big companies to want to advertise on your blog.

How to write an effective blog post on business

1). Make sure you conduct enough research before posting anything.
2).  Go deep in your explanation.
3). Pictures are needed, at least one per article
4). Arrange your post following proper procedure
5). Ask your readers for their opinion.

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