How to report a website for copies your content

how to report a website for copies your content

Naturally, stealing is a sin before God and man in physical realm and when we compare that fact with contents stealing in blogging we will found out that the two doesn't have much difference and the holy book says; No sinners will go scott free without being punished. Meaning those that copies from your website to their site should not be left alone, report them so they can learnt their lesson and never to copy again. Though, the web is saturated with same thing but what i discovered is that these topics are all written or covered in different ways so why should someone just came from no where and copies? when he/she is fully aware that he can rewrite the article in his own way and be free from copyright claims. Well i guess they are this lazy bloggers who knows nothing about the stress of putting piece together to form an article. Don't worry here in today's article i will show you steps to took and report them but before then, what is copied contents?

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What is copied content?

Copied content are articles a blogger stole from someone he doesn't know, without giving references to the owner. even your close blogger-friends, fans which are your audience can stole from you and that could be annoying atimes because they get to rank higher above you the owner of the article simply because their websites is more authoritative than yours. Well Google is becoming smarter each day but it not always easy for them to determine which contents is stolen, so in simple term they needs to be informed so you can get you ranking back and get to enjoy your efforts.

Why do people copies contents?

The one and only reason for a blogger to copies from you is when they found your article pleasant, sweet and wonderful. And some wicked bloggers does copying, simply because they know that their blog is of high authority and they can easily rank more than you.

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how to report a website for copies your content

This is very easy and simple just report that website to Google and it will be drop from search engine for self hosted sites like blogs built on WordPress but if the site you want to report is on blogspot then Google will not only drop it from search but also delete it permanently on the stealer website. Here are the steps

1). Goto Google DMCA page, select create a request.

2). Select “Blogger/Blogspot” and make sure you use chrome browser because some browser might not redirect you after selecting.

3). On the next page select this options:

  • Reasons: I would like to report a blog that impersonates me.
  • Scroll down the page, click on "this page" as indicated on the screenshot below and click on "Report content" button on the next page.

After clicking "report content" button, it will redirect you to “a form” which you can report those pages from the BlogSpot blog or website that is copying your content, from there select the right options and fill the form appropriately and submit it.


Don't bother about the time you took in reporting those contents stealers website, it really worth it because you get to revived or recovered your traffics and position in search engine.

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