How to replace phone screen

Is your phone screen showing blank, white or ink? If yes then don't worry because today am going to explain to you how to replaced it without visiting a mobile phone repairer shop.

1). Soldering iron
2). Soldering paste or candle
3). Exact screen.

How to replace screen for china phones
1). Unscrew your phone
2). Goto the market with your phone and get the exact screen
3). Apply little "soldering paste" or cut little candle and apply it on the surface.
4). Use your left hand to rise and hold the screen up
5). After rising, use the other hand to hold your soldering iron.
6). Drag the screen slowly with your left hand while your right hand which is holding the soldering iron is on the edge of the screen legs.
7). After removing now arrange the panel screen legs with your soldering iron.
8). Place the new screen on the panel and solder it.
9). Insert the battery and turn on your phone
10). If the new screen is still showing white, or blank, consider resoldering it the second time.

How to replace Android phone screen
1). Remove your sims and memory card
2). Unscrew your phone
3). Goto the market with your phone and get the exact screen.
4). Remove the screen clip and test it
5). Request for glue and glued it there
6). Make sure you fix everything in the market before coming home.

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