How to get on first page of Google without paying

How to get on first page of Google without paying

 Getting a blog post to appears on Google first page, each time users of the internet searches for similar contents related to yours, as being a little bit hard these days compares to previous years when blogger could easily rank virtually on anything they posted. Well am not saying it impossible for your post to come first on Google but what am saying here is; before a post could came first, that means Google as run some tests, analysis, even to an extent of comparing it with blogs that wrote on that particular topic, after which it as being confirmed useful, they will willing bring it up to the first page for users to see.

Why Google first page?

It meaning less your post being on Google second page, because most people including me and you will never consider clicking on the next page of Google to get what we need when it's already on the first page. Though they are some rare situation whereby users check on the second or third page of Google when searching for contents, that happens when those on the first page couldn't satisfy their need.

Things you need to do before striving for Google first page

As i have said earlier, content is the king, make sure you go deep in your explanation when writing your articles because if don't and lucky you found your article on Google first page, i tell you it won't last long before Google will de-rank you because Google checks amount of time users spent on that page before clicking the back button, as we all know it takes few seconds for users to glance through an article before reading and once they find it useless they use the back button instantly.

How to get on first page of Google without paying

Google search engine and others are free platform to generate organic pure traffics to your blog but many people wastes their money unnecessary for things that are irrelevant like:
Paying money to someone to write SEO article
Paying money to build backlinks
Paying money to do keyword research
Paying money for template etc.

You see the above things i mentioned are irrelevant and unnecessary, as a blogger you should learn how to do things yourself don't pay money for anything, they are lot of YouTube tutorial videos, platform you can learn things.

Here are some things i do to rank on Google first page

How to get on first page of Google

1). Learn how to do keyword research: This is necessary because you get to know how people crave for content online which you can use an keyword research tools and using it will gives you an overview details about that keywords such as: keywords ranking difficulty, keywords search volume, related keywords etc.

2). Insert your keywords in the title: After doing keywords research, insert your keywords on your post title, if possible write the title the same way it is suggested on your keywords research tools.

3). Build backlink to the post you want it to appear on Google first page: I see many bloggers neglecting the power of backlinks building, it essential but also risky because if you built from penalized websites you will hurt your blog and the post from ranking. So to be on a safer side make sure you check the website backlink spam score using Semrush before building.

4). Include pictures in your post with well written alt tag: Images on post does not beautify a blog but it also increase your chances of ranking high on Google first page. Why? The alt tag i made mention also works like a title tag, but in this case it for pictures not contents. Search engines uses it as increase in keywords density that is why you will some blog post ranking high even with less words count.

5). Your contents should be unique: When i said unique what am saying is don't scrapped contents and wishes to rank on Google first page. Though atimes some bloggers ranks above the owner of the contents on Google but it is not advisable because day in day out Google is getting smarter and once the owner of the contents reported you then the trust  Google as on your site will get to reduce and that could cause your site ranking to reduce as well.

6). Stop targeting one keyword: Well am not saying you should stuff your blog title with keywords, what am saying is target at least more than one keywords and include it when writing your articles, that increases keywords density which Google use during comparison of your post with similar post on the web.

Other things to do to get on Google first page

1). Add tags to your post
2). Use permalink
3). Include keywords in your search description tag
4). Make you blog loads fast
5). Let your articles be at least nothing less than 300 words
6). Use heading tags appropriately
7). Share your articles on social to get likes, comments and share because it is considered as signal that proves that the contents is useful.

I hope you enjoy reading this piece, feel free to drop your comment, share and always visit for latest updates.

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