How to fix adverts not showing in some articles blogger

Blogspot as being a wonderful platform for both beginners and pro bloggers but recently i came to discovered that many bloggers including i complained bitterly about some articles in our blogs showing blank Adsense advert after gaining Adsense approval which i knew it very frustrating because one is losing greatly in revenue if not all. 

Atimes after landing on a post in some blogger blogs, it takes time or til the page is refreshed before some adverts could manage to show-up and you know if adverts are not showing up appropriately, our blog-readers will not perform action of clicking on adverts. Meaning, less or no earnings. So if you noticed your Adsense adverts is showing blank or not showing at all in some articles on your blogspot blog then you are in the right place because we at kenlegit will always bring to you what we have tested and confirmed to be working, here in this article the solution to fixed it and increase in earnings will be explained in details.

What causes Adsense adverts showing blank or not showing in some articles on blogger

1). Wrong usage of custom robots txt: This, many bloggers blogging using blogspot does not know. well we believe custom robots txt is actually for SEO which doesn't affect how adverts it displayed on a blog. No, wrong use of it will hinder or tells Adsense crawlers just like site crawlers not to display adverts in some articles on your blogger blogs.

2). Some of your posts are not inline with Adsense policy: It not until Adsense notify you of policy review in your Adsense account about a post going against they policy, once it detect some violation or misused word automatically adverts will not show up on such page or articles in your blog. 

3). Recent change in permalink: This too can cause adverts to start showing blank or empty on the article you recently changed it permalink because it will take Adsense some time to go through the post and understand why and what you might have edited. 

How to fix blogger advert not showing in all posts 

1). Check your custom robots txt file and make sure it well written. I recommend you use the below custom robots txt but remember to replace with your site URL 

User-agent: *
Allow: /search
Allow: /

2). Don't change or edit posts permalink after publishing, though adverts will start showing immediately Adsense understand your article.

3). Write using keywords that advertiser bid on else Adsense adverts will not show up in articles which Adsense does not advertiser for.

4). Avoid the use of adults, hacking or hateful languages which Adsense do not like in your article. 

5). Change your blogger blog template, or better still search on Google for "Ads ready"  blogger template apply it and check if it solves.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, feel free to drop your opinion, share and always return for latest updates.