How to do keyword research for free

How to do keyword research for free

 Keyword researching is among the most important factor in blogging each and every blogger wanting to drive organic traffics should never neglect because by conducting keywords research, you get to know how people crave for contents online. aside that, keywords research give you an overview on; topics performance, keywords difficulty, search volume and lot more if only you use a keyword research tools.

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What is a keyword research tools?

Keywords research tools are designed by group of SEO experience experts in which these tools are connected to search engines mainly to derived or draw people searches intent, analysis then provide the results to you in a tabular format. Do know that some keywords research tools like Moz helps with Difficulty level of the keywords and search volume while some don't give you that much details. but just keep in mind that all of these tools are connected to search engines.

How accurate is keywords research tools

It may not be that %100 accurate because most of this search engines like Google is not easy to break into their system and display everything but it at least between %50 -- %70 accurate and also know that it takes some time for keywords research tools to detect new keywords that people are searching on the web.

Now let me takes us to today's article which is "How to do keyword research for free".


How to do keyword research for free

To do keyword research you need a keyword research tools or you use your brain as keyword research, any of them are great but the most preferably, simple, easiest and less time consuming is using keywords research tools which will be our point of discussion today.

Having given you the uses of keywords research tools above, it good to know that those tools are not for free and if you are to use the free version which is more effective, %100 accurate than those that you will have to pay then you should use; Google trend or Google AdWords and Search engines auto complete for keywords research. Why??

I suggest that because keywords research tools depends solely on search engines results so why will i bother to pay for something that is free. Here are the steps to use these three tools and explore the web.

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Effective use of Google trend or AdWords and Auto complete for keywords research

1). First, visit Google trend or AdWords type your keywords into the tools and search after searching, you will be provided with series of related keywords and search volume, so use it to create unique content on your blog.

2). Visit your search engine like Google and type in the keywords you want to make research on. For example if i type "Sports blogging" into Google search box it will suggest related keywords under my search. so use that too to create unique content.

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