how to check android phone processor and ram

phone or device is a portable mini computer equiped with several components, usually wrapped in plastic, rubber or metal chassis which is mainly used for surfing the internet, making of calls and sending of texts messages. aside from that, android phone as a lot of features and benefits, but one big mistake people made when buying an Android phone is:
  • No idea about processor and ram

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Why processor and ram?

This two things mentioned above is very important when it comes to Android phone because it handles the speed and processing aspect. so before i show you ways you can check your android phone processor and ram, i will love to explain little on today's article concept:
Android phone processor and  Android phone ram.

What is an Android phone processor?

Just like the computer or desktop, android phone have its own processor that helps in processing files, videos etc. A processor in an Android phone is considered as the heart because most of the work are been done or handled through it. Android phone processor is divided into core.

What is core?

Core is a unit that represents the processor. Also, a core can be known as the messanger of a processor because the core is the one that does all the work assign by the processor. These core in some andriod phones can be four, three, two or one Meaning; if you have a low processing rate then it likely your Android phone is of one core processor, which is always represented in:

  • Dual (two core processor)
  • Qual (three core processor) etc

What is an Android phone ram?

Ram in an Android phone helps in boosting the speed of a processor but it good to know that when trying to purchase an Android phone always considered higher processor over ram because if the processor speed is low and the ram is high still the phone will be slow when trying to run applications, even during installation of application or games you will found out that it taking ages to install.

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How to check mobile ram and processor

I will start with how to check phone processor speed: Checking processor speed is very easy when it comes to Android phone, all you have got to do is navigate to your phone settings, select About, or  My phone and check under CPC there you will find your processor speed and type.

how to check ram in andriod phone and how to check ram in android 10:This too is very easy just press, hold your home soft button for some seconds and it will displays the amount of ram your phone as, or better still goto your phone settings, select application and you will see your phone ram.

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