How to boost a dead phone battery

 Not everything that happens to a phone one need to take to a mobile phone technician to check. Infact you need to learn how to do somethings by yourself, and example of those things you should learn is how to boost a dead phone battery.

Why should i learn how to boost a dead phone battery?

  • Learning how to boost a dead phone battery will saves your time and money you will spend in a phone technician workshop when you experience such on your phone.
  • Learning this can be useful to you and your family most especially if you are in a place where you cannot find a phone technician.

How to boost a dead phone battery

Boosting a deed phone battery is in two ways:

1). Get a desktop or universal charger, remove the battery and plug for at least an hour or two then remove and insert it back into your phone.

2). Secondly, you can boost a dead phone battery by simply cutting off your charger. After cutting, press and hold the red wire or white to the positive terminal (+) on your battery and black wire to the negative terminal (-) wait for some minutes for it to boost.

After which you are done with any of the above, now slot your battery back and connect charger to the phone through it's socket.

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