Does backlinks help with seo

does backlinks help with seo

Wow what a wonderful topic and interesting question we have here in today's article and as usual i will be playing my part to make you understand to the fullest with my answers, but before i do, let us take a brief look at what does backlink mean so others with less knowledge about backlink could grab something.

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What does backlink mean?

Backlink is a voting system that Search engines use in ranking a website above others. i know many are still confused, okay let me put it this way backlink are external links pointing to a site, and the more the quality links the higher the website that receives those links ranks high on search engines. which is not matter of quantity but quality because if a website accumulate or receive backlinks from low quality website then it won't ranks well, and we have two types of backlinks which is dofollow and nofollow links.

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The dofollow backlink contribute to increase in a site ranking while nofollow backlinks are only use for reference purpose which do not pass any juice from a website to the next linking site. but it good to know that atimes search engines acknowledge nofollow links if it from higher authoritative sites with domain score of 80 and above, that you can check yours using moz, semrush, ahref and other domain rating checking tools.

Now let me quickly answer your question

Does backlinking still work

Yes i will said it works like magic, infact if you have a chance to build from authoritative sites please do because that will help your site receive more trust from search engines which means high ranking with huge traffics but keep in mind that dofollow backlinks is what your website needs not nofollow and also take note that links manipulation are not acceptable. meaning; if you involved yourself in blackhat links building that will drastically ruined your blog ranking, so be natural by following the right procedure through creating unique contents and websites willing links to your site.

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