Chivo wallet el salvador

Chivo wallet el salvador

El salvador a country in central America governed by Nayib Bukele, has announced Chivo wallet after legalizing bitcoin in the country recently. This wallet app known as "Chivo" whose name translates in english "Goat" will servers as the country’s official Bitcoin wallet, which will allow Salvadorians to hold both BTC and USD balances as a mobile app. 

Together with his announcement Nayib Bukele made, he promised to dash out $30 worth of bitcoin to its citizens precisely, those that download and install chivo application. 

Chivo application will be available both in IOS and APK.

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Why chivo app el salvador? 

According to the president during his announcement of this wonderful application he said two things:

  • He want's the used of bitcoin to be adopted in the country for means of payment.
  • So that the people will have an incentive to use the application and download it, and in this way start the system … so that you can go to a local store and everyone will have bitcoin, because everyone will have the same incentive to have downloaded the app.”

Chivo app features 

1). The interface will be built to show bitcoin in dollar and dollar in bitcoin verse verser. 

2). Anyone using chivo app can easily convert bitcoin to dollar or dollar to bitcoin in the wallet. 

3). Chivo app will serves as a means of payment when purchasing goods and services but dollars will still be use primarily in payments of teachers, banks and others.

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Chivo wallet app download 

Unfortunately chivo wallet el salvador is not available in app store for now only the announcement was made ahead of the application which will be ready and available for download September this year 2021. 

Note: Immediately the application is out or any updates about the upcoming app Chivo this article will be updated so always check back for updates. Thanks 

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