Boldgains international: how to join, how it works, it products and ceo

Supporting a business with an online side hustle is something each and anyone wanting to attain wealth in a less amount of time should considered adopting, and here i introduce you to "boldgains international' boldgains is that company which can make such dreams come true, the company is reliable, trustworthy and among all honest. Boldgains international is a new company which came into existence may 1 2021 but launched june 1 for registration. boldgains international CEO is: Ms Isabelle Habiba, she was born and raised in Dubai, her grandfather came to Dubi as a labourer and worked hard to be successful. She has MBA in marketing, started out as a marketer for beauty brand in Dubai and her success comes from her inner desire to change the world through entrepreneurship.

The company deals with sales of amazing products in health, beauty and wellness sectors.  Thanks to Ms Isabelle Habiba their products are effective and optimized to produce desire results within a short period of time because  she gather enough knowledge and experience before she started producing the products offered for sales.

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Boldgains international what is it all about

Bold-gains International: Is a direct selling retail company from Dubai that are into varieties of products ranging from Stem cells, Health supplements, tea and Cosmetics like Body cream, stemcell Toothpaste, Soaps, perfume, body spray, serum, sanitary pads etc.

So if you are here count it as a blessing and utilize this once in a life time opportunity... With as little as $30 you can secure your position as one of our leaders in your state..(there is always room for upgrade). 

Many asked is boldgains legit? Yes it is legit and a trustworthy company. 

How to make money with boldgains international 

You earn from boldgains international selling quality products that people use everyday which are in three ways: 

  • Retail margin from every BoldGains™ product you sell.
  • Bonuses calculated from your business growth.
  • Incentives rewarded as you reach key milestones in your business.

Boldgains international products and it benefits 

  • Foric acid
  • Relaxing tea
  • Curcuma ginger tea
  • cranstem gold etc. 

How to register or join boldgains international dubai 

This is very easy and simple just pay a visit to their site @ register and start making money while you are sleeping and to be a member or distributor, you need to choose, pay and register for any of the packages below

Registration Packages:

  • Discovery $30 ₦15,000
  • Silver $60 ₦30,000
  • Gold $120 ₦60,000
  • Sapphire $600 ₦300,000
  • Emerald $1200 ₦600,000
  • Diamond $2400 ₦1,200,000

After your registration, you will get products worth your money and you will be sent login information to your back office. Also you will be automatically qualified to make $1 everyday until you make your initial money back.

Earn more with boldgains compensation plan

1. Direct Referral Bonus

This is the bonus you get when you refer, sponsor or introduce someone to Boldgains
and it differs according to the package the person paid for.
You earn up to 40% commission on Direct Referral Bonus

2. Binary/Pairing Bonus

Enjoy 18.8% when you refer 2 people left and right.
Note: that once you have anyone on your left and right hand side irrespective of who referred them this is the bonus you get paid.

3. Upgrade Bonus

Members can upgrade from the small package to higher package and the sponsor or upline will enjoy again 40%.

4. Roll UP Bonus

Roll up bonus is when you or your Downline are on a lower package and refer someone on a higher package, you get the bonus according to your package and some rolls up to your Upline on a higher package and some goes to your Upgrade wallet, which you can use to upgrade to higher package when it accumulates to the package you want to upgrade too.

5. Repurchase Bonus

This is the bonus that you get as your downlines are repurchasing any of BoldGains products, you earn points which in return is matched and pay to you as earning

6. Return On Investment Bonus

Return On Investment (ROI): Once you are registered you start getting $1 daily until your registration amount is complete... note you can only use the money to buy or get products from the company shopping mall or redeem incentives like phone, iPad, watch, laptop etc...

7. Retail Bonus

Make 39%-56% when you purchase our products as our distributor and retail to others...please note you are not to sell below 39% or higher than the 56%.

8 and 9. Leadership/Incentive Bonus

The leadership Bonus goes with Incentives bonus you rank you get different incentives like scholarship, cars, house ,international trips etc...Ranking in the system is through Accumulated Earnings and GIFT POINTS

10. Yearly Bonus

Coming Soon....

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Ways to withdraw your earnings

3 Withdrawal Modes

  • Through BoldGains Visa Card..(every member of Boldgains intl is entitled to one and can be used anywhere in the world)
  • Bank Withdrawals
  • Peer to Peer (wallet transfers)

That is all about boldgains international feel free to drop your comment, share and always visit for latest.