Best tv internet home phone bundles

Connecting to the internet is fun, sweet and a way of getting ourselves loaded with latest news, sports, etc. both online and offline. Infact everything we needed to know can be found on the web, but many of us are left out from enjoying this wonderful benefits simply because there is no enough money to pay for subscription plan or no idea in selecting the very best data bundle plans.

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What is a data bundle?

Data bundle are introduced by service supplier network, which act as a gateway in accessing web contents. Though, one can use airtime to surf the internet but subscribing or buying a data bundle is more preferable because data bundle last longer than airtime when it comes to browsing.

Now let me get down to today's topic. There are four most used service supplier network all over the world which is:
Mtn, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo each with different charges and surfing speed. For example Glo network is the slowest among all but they offers the most cheapest data bundle which you can go for them if you are not concerned about the browsing speed.
But if you want the best then Mtn, Airtel and Etisalat is the right choice for you, just dail the below codes according to your network and see for yourself lists of data bundle before subscribing.

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Codes for purchasing data bundle

Mtn: *131#
Airtel: *141#
Etisalat: *200#
Glo: *777#

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