Earning money online is among the most stress less and faster way of becoming rich in limited time and solmax global company owned by Florence, is here for you  he’s from Israel ,but he base in uk. This company deals with shares which in a terminology called "solmax investment" meaning you need to make an input through buying of shares with your hard earned money, store then sell later before you can earn from this great company. 

Solmax igniter 200 as being launched

Solmax global: solmax igniter100, packages, solmax group and how to make an investment

Solmax global company unlike other companies have a better packages for any kinds, brokers and all. 

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Also, for you to know that the company as come to stay and trustworthy solmax global partners with so many other companies like igniter100, yourent, bizpad, aladin, cryptocurrency market and many great companies are partnering with solmax currently, which in all is called "Solmax group". When this company started in 2017 there share price was 0.01 pens, but currently now their listing has begun, so the current price of shares is 0.61 pencs but the aim of this company after the listing is that each shares will we be minimum of eight 6 to 8 pounds after listing.

Solmax global compensation plan

  •  Joining Solmax Global is much more than a revenue stream to improve your financial health. It means joining a company that is determined to help our entrepreneurs succeed, offering strategic training and support.

  •  As one of our Independent Marketing Partners, you will have the opportunity to earn substantial levels of commission, receive enviable benefits from our compensation plan and become a member of a unique brand, which really gives back to its entrepreneurs.

  •  Becoming a part of our network offers an opportunity to meet new people, while also learning from your peers as you embark on a similar journey. By carefully selecting innovative and desirable products on the market, we can offer unparalleled access to a wide variety of consumers.

Solmax global packages and investment plan

COST...  *#15,000*
No of itokens.... *166*
Academy credits.. *5*
ROI by 2021... *#550,000*

COST... *#30,000*
No of itokens... *333*
Academy credits.. *10*
ROI by 2021.. *#1,099,999*

Cost... *#60,000*
No of itokens.. *666*
Academy credits.. *20*
ROI by 2021.. *#2,200,000*

COST... *#150,000*
No of itokens.. *1,666*
Academy credits.. *50*
ROI BY 2021... *#5,500,000*

Cost.. *#300,000*
No of itokens.. *3,333*
Academy credits.. *100*
ROI BY 2021.. *#10,999,999*

Cost.. *#600,000*
No of itokens.. *6,666*
Academy credits.. *200*
ROI BY 2021.. *#21,997,800*

COST.. *#1,500,000*
No of itokens. *16,666*
Academy credits..500
ROI by 2021... *#54,999,999*

Cost... *#3, 000,000*
No of itokens.. *33,333*
Academy credits. *1000*
ROI BY 2021... *#109,998,900*

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The higher the price of an itoken I.e i100 shares, the less the quantity your capital will buy and the lower ur ROI (RETURNS ON INVESTMENT) BE A WISE INVESTOR. CHOOSE YOUR PACKAGE NOW AND START GROWING YOUR WEALTH. SMG-i100 SHARES INVESTMENT IS A BAE

How to register for solmax global company 

Very easy to join, just visit https://solmaxglobal.com/ scroll down to the end, fill the form providing your details accurately and click on the submit button. 

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