Where to learn blogging in Nigeria

Where to learn blogging in Nigeria

My greetings to everyone of you reading this article, and i must say i love it when someone is willing to add to his knowledge. And most of this people searching for where to learn blogging in Nigeria are certainly Nigerians, my fellow bloggers.

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Truth be told, i too also search where to learn blogging in Nigeria when i first created my blog but after i did the searching, i couldn't find any place set aside for Nigerians to learn blogging, so i was left with no choice than to learn it in the hard way because most of this experience bloggers are not willing to share what they have got with you, some even requested i should pay or buy their ebooks before learning what i know it free of charge they learnt it on the web.

So here in this article i will help you with where you can learn blogging in Nigeria and become a first class professional blogger.

1). YouTube: 

This is the most effective when it comes to learning anything because YouTube deals with videos and by watching tutorial videos on blogging, makes one to learn and understand the regiment of blogging faster than reading written posts.
For instance you want to learn about "How to do SEO", all you got to do is visit YouTube, search and watch or download. at least before you finish watching one or two videos everything about SEO will became clear to you.

2). Bloggers social media group chat: 

Here is another awesome place to learn blogging in Nigeria, all you need to do is login to your social media account example like the Facebook and click on groups then use the search box, type in the search box bloggers groups join and learn from what your fellow bloggers got from answers to questions they asked. And anything you are not clear with ask questions.

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3). Forum: 

The word forum as being in existence for long and it is a place where people gathered to share ideas, tips and opinions. though it works just like a blog but the difference between a forum and a blog is:
Forum: You don't need to be write contents, just questions and answers.
Blog: On the other hand is mainly for posting of contents.

I hope you enjoy reading this piece, feel free to drop your comment, share and always visit for latest updates.

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