WhatsApp privacy changes 2021 (tech update)

Mark Zuckerberg's owner of WhatsApp and Facebook messaging app as introduced new privacy changes to whatsApp in 2021. According to him, users will need to accept a new policy in WhatsApp app before they can have access to the entire app and i see it as exploitation because the privacy policy changes is unfair.

Here i will briefly talked about what Mark Zuckerberg's said in his WhatsApp privacy change.

Starting from May,15, 2021 users on the WhatsApp platform will need to agree by clicking on the accep button to share their privacy with Facebook, failure to do so will result to some restrictions on the application, though notification and calls will still be working but the user will not be able to send messages. 

Well i understand he want's to improve and serve targeted adverts to users but on the other hand that is not right because most people on the internet want's their privacy to be encrypted. 

So the best option most people are considering now is switching to telegram or signal messaging app because they value and cherish users privacy unlike Mark Zuckerberg's.

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