What to post on a blog

What to post on a blog

Each time i discussed or talk about blogging with people the very first question they asked after or before creating the blog is; what can i be posting on the blog? well i always told them "they are free to post anything, as along as things they are posting does not go against webmaster guildlines which is adult contents, hacking contents etc. but recently i came to understood why, and what comes about them asking such question.

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Here are the reasons:

1). Difficulty in getting contents ideas: Some bloggers even after selecting a niche to blog about, they are still finding it very hard to come up with contents ideas that go in line with the niche they have chosen, and this left them with no choice than to seek or browse through the internet about what to post on a blog.

2). Traffics: Many noices after creating their blogs, driving traffics becames another problem to them and that could be frustrating atimes because what is the essence of creating a blog when no one is visiting? it of no use, so most of them got confused thinking maybe things which they have posted are not what people likes, that is why they are getting less or no traffics.

Now i will dive into today's discussion which is: "What to post on a blog"

This i will still continue saying even if am sleepy and someone asked me what am i to post on a blog, i will gladly tell such person in simple sentence you are free to post anything. but for you not to lack in getting "Contents ideas & Traffics" i will help you with some of the things i did to tackle that.

For contents ideas difficult

The very effective and proven ways that help me not to lack in contents ideas is.

1). I involve myself in forums that are related to my blog niche: forum is a best and easiest way to gather contents creating ideas for your blog or brand infact %20 of my contents ideas comes from there, all i used to do is collect question or problem people posted in those forums to create an article about it and once am done i post my links there telling them i have written an article about it. you too can adopt my system but to get started all you need to do is, locate a forum that discuss on your niche, open an account with them, from there you gain access to questions people throws in that forum then you can use it to create an article solving that question, after which you can post your link there directing them to your blog.

2). I use third parties site to discover topics in my niche: this is far better than forums because you get to have access to advance tools that done most of the work for you in seconds. aside that, these tools shows you the search volume, difficulty in ranking on those topics etc.
here are the names of these sites:

Google trend
Ask the world
contents ideas creator
Google keywords planner
Ahref keywords research tools etc.

All you need to do is visit the above mentioned sites by searching through Google, after visiting any of the site type your blog niche into the box provided to you and click search, then wait for it to finish scanning.

Learn how to create unique contents

Difficulty in driving traffics

Driving traffics to a blog is not easy, i too attest to it because i have being in such situation before after creating my blog newly, but do you know consistency, patience and endurance is the master key to becomes successful in blogging? i guess you don't know, it took me time and consistent posting of fresh and engaging posts before i get to this stage i am today, so if you just started blogging newly you need to be patient, post frequently and the most effective way i use in driving traffics to my blog is through social media platforms. am not saying getting traffics from search engines is not possible for new blogs, is very possible if you are writing on low competitive keywords but, unfortunately am not going towards that direction today, maybe some other time but social media platforms should be your primary means of diving traffics to your blog because it convey very fast in aspect of bring huge traffics to your blog.

Example of things you can post on your blog

1). News
2). Sports
3). Fashion
4). Business tips & ideas
5). Relationship tips
6). Blogging tips etc.

I hope you enjoy reading this piece, feel free to drop your comment, share and always visit for latest updates.

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