Ultimate guide on how to get AdSense approval for Blogger

Ultimate guide on how to get AdSense approval for Blogger

It of no use, telling you about Google AdSense advertising network anymore, because even an infant who doesn't know anything about blogging can easily identify Google AdSense is the best when it comes to contextual adverts. so being the best and 1 in town, getting approval from them is not an easy task to accomplished for those who thinks blogging is easy and can be manipulated. lol, am not here to brag about me getting approval for my blog, am only telling you the fact based on my experience.

To be frank it took me months to understood how Google AdSense site reviewing works, because am one of those people who dashed into blogging without proper mentoring and as at that time, all my thought was:

  • I will start earning money in less than a month
  • I will just be copying and pasting from another site to my site.

Not to my knowledge that, blogging as strict rules/regulations guilding it, and also not a sparp sparp business one can start and make money in limited amount of time.

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So now that i have gain enough knowledge about how the whole process works, so i decided willingly to drop this article just to help my fellow bloggers gain approval from Google AdSense.

Following are the ultimate guide on how to get your blog approved in limited time

1). Template

Not all templates are good for Google AdSense monetization?  Do you want to know how i found out about this? "Yes" below are the steps i took.
    I visited 5 blogs that gain approval from Google AdSense recently then compare it with each other. So after comparing, i came to realize that; Google AdSense loves "templates that group contents in a box" such as "Magazine templates", "News templates" and "Seo templates" just like the one on my blog. You too can carry out the same comparison on other blogs that have active Google AdSense running, so as to confirm what am saying.

After you have confirmed it yourself, now follow the below steps to download box template for your blog

  • Goto google.com
  • Search for *Seo templates*, *Magazine templates* or *News templates*
  • Click on any site and preview the template first, whether it is a *box template* before downloading.

2). Privacy policy, About us and Contact page

These three pages are a must to have before AdSense will approve the blog, let me start with privacy policy.

Privacy policy: imagine privacy policy not having "Google AdSense" or "third party advertising" policy in it. Don't just spine for "Privacy policy" online without you going through what is written inside it.

Like the other day i checked on someone "privacy policy". Could you believe he wrote in is "Privacy policy" telling readers that "username" and "password" been used for signing in will not be published, whereas is blog doesn't have a login page. So therefore as a blogger endeavor to check the contents of your privacy policy before publishing it on your blog.

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About us: this page is essential in blogsphere because everyone will love to learn little about you and your vision concerning the blog you have created, so always learn to write this page by yourself, because i have seen several cases where by, Bloggers are still generating common "About us page". Lol, this is funny because about us page is not meant to be generated online, it is meant to be written by you the blogger.

It not nessasily you make your about page to be long, i even recommend short about page.
If you are not sure on what to include in your About us page i suggest you follow the below:

About us page should only contains "little story about how you start your blog and the challenges you faced when running it" together with your own details. E.g "your name", "address", "date of birth", "what you love doing the most", "working experience", "occupation" etc.

Contact page: this is very easy to accomplish in less amount of time, in this page just list your social media accounts username, phone number, gmail and others contact options users can easily use to get to you.

3). Contents

Concentrate on one or two topics and provide useful, unique contents on those topics: when i said unique contents, i know many Bloggers reading this post must have started shivering, don't worry, i will explain.
Unique contents are original articles been written by you without scrapping from another site to your own site. Many bloggers got rejected because of this, so i will advice you to try and write contents from scratch with your own English. It not a must for you to be grounded in "English language" before you can be able to create unique contents.
Unique contents come's from what you research on, there is no way you can provide unique contents when you did not carry out research about the topic you want to provide information on.
Unique contents is combination of internet research, novel reading, newspaper and even your life story, before you can be able to come up with one.

So after you have written about 15 -- 20 unique contents on your blog with at-least 400 words each, you can start applying for Google AdSense advertising network in other to know what you are lacking.
I got my blog approved after written 37 posts on my blog.

Note: When your blog is under review please don't make any post or edit your template for that period, just wait for their response before editing.

4). Policy violation

Policy violation are much but i will explain just two, which Bloggers always encountered.
I see many Bloggers misunderstood "you have to fix some policy violation before your blog can be approved" and "we have detected two accounts on your blog"

If you got message that you have "two Google AdSense account" then, note: Google AdSense will provide the other account for you in the message they sent to you. But if you got message that you need to fix some policy violation before your blog can be approved then:

  • First, you need to check if you are not violating any of their policy, and if you are sure you are not then
  • You are to continue writing articles and keep on applying, because what they actually mean is the need more contents.

5). Illegal contents

If your posts is about "hacking, AdSense monetization, cheats  etc": please delete them before applying. Imagine you that his looking for means to gain approval from Google AdSense is there writing articles about "AdSense monetization", lol what do you know about monetization when your blog isn't showing adverts, Google AdSense will never approved such blog.

Another thing is "hacking and cheat contents". many bloggers don't seem to understand what Google AdSense mean by "illegal contents".

What is illegal contents?
Illegal contents are contents that are against AdSense policies which can result result to policy violation, so beware and always learn to mind your contents before posting.

6). Check for empty links

Learn to check all the links in your blog, most especially " social plugins". I discovered that many Bloggers tends to leave "social media icon" without a proper links embody within it.
Don't be carried a way by those "social media icons", even if it one social media accounts you have, delete the rest and provide that one which you have.

Remember Google AdSense does not want situations where by, blog readers will click a link on your blog and find out that it is a broken or empty. So i will advice you to check all the links in your blog so as to confirm that all are working fine.

7). Scrapped contents

Can either come's from a copyright pictures, which are not meant to be used for commercial purposes or you having someone else contents on your site. When i said someone else contents. I know many bloggers will said, i am the owner of this contents, i wrote it myself. Yes, no one is arguing with you, but do you really know that; if you use common words/ exact sentence that most bloggers used on the internet, can also be considered as scrapped contents? I guess you don't know.

So in order for you to be free from scrapped contents i suggest you follow the below steps

  1. Download images from a site that gives permission to use their pictures for any purpose.

  2. Avoid the use of common words and sentences. Use your own vocabulary, even if na piggin. What am saying in essence is. For you to use your own English.

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