Things to do before applying for AdSense

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 AdSense is the best when it comes to monetizing a blog with display adverts, and recently AdSense as made the approval process stricter for new blogs compared to previous years when blogs can be approved with less stress.

Well the approval process is strict but, that doesn't mean you can't gain approval from AdSense, infact i will said the approval process is almost the same with that of 5 years ago if only you understood how AdSense approve sites.

So today without taking much of your time i gonna be explaining things you need to put in order before applying for AdSense.

1). Get a custom domain name: 

A lot of bloggers out there make a very big mistake by applying for AdSense with free domain name like: kenlegit.blogspot.com or kenlegit.wordpress.com.
Though it not part of their criterias because i have seen some bloggers got approval with free domain name but, it better to get a custom domain name and apply as this will increase your chances of approval.

Also, the down side of using free domain name is that: when AdSense approved the blog, you are trapped in that domain name meaning; when next you got a custom domain name, you will need to submit the site URL in your AdSense dashboard then  undergo the approval process again.

2). Find and install best template on your blog: 

Best design is another thing you need, to gain AdSense approval. that i confirmed from bloggers who faces so many rejection from AdSense. According to them; all they did is install the very best looking template and boom their blog was approved.

So before applying for AdSense make sure your design is at the very best looks fast and easy to navigate, which i suggest you use news or magazine template.

3). Contents: 

I purposely did not start with contents because the essence of a blog is to provide meaningful contents to users across the web.
Contents is the king and 80% -- 90% bloggers who faces rejection from AdSense is because of contents.

I will advice, before applying for AdSense make sure you have posted at least 10--25 long articles on your blog if it micro niche but, if it multi niche then you need 30-35 articles for AdSense approval.

April 7 2021 i got this blog approved by Adsense with 36 articles on four niches.
So don't rush when preparing your articles, be calm, make enough research about the topic you choose to write article on and don't scrapped or copy peoples contents.

4). Prepare all the necessary pages: 

Important pages like: About, Contact, Privacy policy, Disclaimer is a must for a blog to have, as AdSense made it a criteria for new blogs.

You can use an online policy generator to create these pages(privacy policy & disclaimer) but the About and Contact pages must be prepared by you.
So check my About and Contact us page to have an idea on how to create yours.

5). Submit your sitemap to Google search console: 

Many bloggers including the pro sometimes neglect this part of submitting their new blog sitemap in (GSC) so after facing a lot of rejection they will later discovered, and submit then got approved.

So don't made the same mistake by not submitting your blog sitemap to Google search console before applying for AdSense.

6). Domain age and traffics: 

I include this, simply to clarify things. Domain age and traffics doesn't matters but it is advisable to apply when your blog is a month plus, and you have little visitors on the site.


When you apply for AdSense, zero your mind of getting the approval on first or second try, and don't rush or got frustrated when you face rejection, be calm, look for a way to solve the reason you were rejected.
Even this blog kenlegit got it's approval after several tries, never give up and surely you gonna secure the approval.


I hope you enjoy reading this piece, free free to drop your comment and please don't forget to share!!

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