Sports blogging tips for beginners and pro bloggers

Sports blogging tips for beginners and pro bloggers

I welcome you all to kenlegit blog the right and best source for blogging, tech, sport, business & industrial tips but, today am going to share with you blogging tips on sports. These tips will guide and help you as a sport-blogger increase; in writing, blog-session, and most important above all "traffics". Why traffics? traffics will always be the number one priority of every blogger because traffics skyrocket earnings, increases blog authority and lot more.

Here i will start with sport definition.

What is sport?

Sport is an activity involving physical exertion or skill in which an individual or a team complete against another or others for entertainment. which could be football, race, volleyball, basketball etc.

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Sports blogging tips for both beginner and pro bloggers

1). Post more often: 

sports is an entertainment niche which requires you as a sport-blogger to be posting frequently, at least two to three posts daily is okay, because by doing that will help keep your audience updated and them returning to your blog for latest information on sports.

2). Select parts to blog in sports: 

sport is a very broad niche you need to select one, two or three areas you want to be producing contents on, so that visitors or existing audience will know what kind of information they will find when visiting your blog next. you can decide to be blogging about football, basketball and volleyball but i will suggest you go for one, because they are numerous things to write about in any part you selected in sports.

3). Check your competitors in sports: 

sports is a niche on it own, you need to check on what your competitors are doing to drive traffics to their blogs and follow each of their steps. I know it sounds complicated, yes it does but what am saying is know which articles are bringing in organic traffics to your competitors website and try as much as possible to come up with a version of that article better than that of your competitors. You can use third-party keywords research tools to spy on competitors ranking keywords. Example Moz, semrush, ubersugget etc.

4). Engage in social media: 

before your blog could get noticed by search engines it takes time and SEO practices but with social media you can easily drives huge traffics to your sport blog, and one of the best ways to get this done is involved yourself in groups on Facebook, i find this very effective because i have tested it out on one of my sport-blog. i joined 6 groups about sports (chelsea, man-u barcelona, real-madreal, arsenal and all round football) so whenever i made a post that falls in the above mentioned groups, i will share my post link there and in return i get better results.

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Other effective social medias i have tested and you need to engage yourself in is "WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter" Just like Facebook group telegram too have groups on sports all you have to do is search and join. Twitter is all about tweeting, make a tweet with correct use of "hashtag" and you will see better results. WhatsApp is not that effective but don't neglect it's potentials, you can search on Google for WhatsApp sports groups and join or better still create one and invite lovers of sports then start sharing your post links.

5). Sports contents writing: 

sports niche is not like other niche that requires long articles, make your posts medium or short for the sake of your audience and since it is an entertainment niche always make sure you edit 50% of the posts you copied from other sites, most importantly the title, images etc. By doing that will free your blog from copyright contents and search engines will easily rank those posts high.

In addition, don't just write or post anything without considering user-searh-intent, what i mean is make sure you write some SEO friendly posts (posts that will pull traffics from search engines to your blog on the long run) like for example:

  • What is barcelona players names.
  • Epl sake lists.
  • Chelsea players names. 
 Above examples are SEO posts.

6). Build links to your sport blog: 

sports blog needs enough quality links not quantity to out rank blogs that have already taken over the web. build from sites with high "DA" domain authority and should be dofollow because nofollow links will only drive traffics to a blog but will not pass any juice.
One of the way to build quality links is through commenting on sites that provide "dofollow" links to people that drop an opinion on their blog. other ways of building backlinks is (guest posting, link exchange, sharing links on forums that provide dofollow links etc). 

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In addition to ways to gain quality links is for you to write well and make sure you consider doing internal linking, so as to gain dofollow backlinks when sites scrapped contents from your blog.

Thanks for reading, free free to drop your comment, share and always visit for latest updates.

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