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When we talked about going into cryptocurrency business, many people most especially the JJC in crypto sphere will shout bitcoins, bitcoins, bitcoins, whereas there are numerous cryptocurrency in cypto-space. example: Tron, Xrp, Dodge coin etc.

Crypto currency is just a general name for decentralized currency for those who don't have any idea, and the beautiful part about cryptocurrency is:

  •   It can make you get rich quick, if only you understood how it works.
  •   It can be used as means of payment.

Now let me quickly brief you how you can be earning and not loosing money in cryptocurrency before listing out next big cryptocurrency.

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How to be earning on crypto currency without loosing

Many people including me at first, i lost over $1000 worth of bitcoins in the process of investing on unreliable, scammers platform all in the name of doubling my coins in 24hours. Not to my knowledge that, cryptocurrency on the safe side is all about buying when the price is down and selling when the price shoot up.

Not until recently i discovered about the logic and believe me since then i have been earning money through it, now i can said i have almost recovered my lost.

Additionally, i go for new or less in price "cryptocurrency" store it then watch the price for at least 3 months to 6 months, after which i sell when the price shoot up and am certain many of you searching about today's topic "Next big cryptocurrency" want's to buy, store then sell in future when the price shoot up.

So here i list the next big cryptocurrency

Lists of next big cryptocurreny

1). Dodge coin:

After bitcoins, ethreum the next big cryptocurrency in the world that is trending now is Dodge coin.
Dodge coin at first when it was newly introduce even as at last year 2020 Dodge coin cost #1 per one just this year January the cost per one shoot to around 200naira as of April 30 2021 and it still increasing, you can choose to buy little on Roqqu app, coin base, Luno store it in a wallet for at least 3 to 6 months or more then sell when the price shoot up.

2). Tron coin:

Is another coin you need to buy enough and store for future sales, Tron as being in existence long before dodge coin but many people don't use it that is why the price is not that rising, but recently on checking the price, i discovered that the cost per one is around #66.00 as at May 1 2021 then when i knew about it was around #13.00 in 2020.
So i urge you to buy and store, when you see the cost per one shoot up then you can start selling.

3). Xrp coin:

I really missed a lot of money by not buying, because last year 2020 when i knew about it, it was around #150 per one, today i checked the cost per one on my app i discovered that it as shoot up to #800 per one and it still increasing, it not too late to buy and store for future sales.

4). Hive and Steem:

Is new coins introduce to cryptocurrency and the cost per each is around #300 to #400 as at May 1 2021 which i believe by next few months the cost per one can shoot to #1000 or more than, so buy enough store it and sell later in future.

5). BitTorrent:

BitTorrent is a newly introduce coin and is on the rise, the cost per one as at April 10 2021 is around #4.00, so buy now before you regret later of not purchasing.

6). Wjtg coin:

Is also new to crypto sphere and it as not been given any price yet, you can get it free as gifts when you transfer or receive Tron coin through "tron link pro" and according to Wjtg group on telegram we were made to understand that it won't be long the coin will be launched with the price.
So i urge you to be checking for it online, when you see it launched you quickly purchase enough, store and sell later in future.

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Above are some next big cryptocurrency i feel the cost per one will shoot up in the nearest future but, note that; they are numerous cryptocurrency on crypto sphere that will receive sudden rise in price that know one can predict, so i urge you to look for newly introduce coins and buy, then forget it in the wallet.

Like a friend of mine that became a millionaire last year through bitcoins, According to him he said "i purchase 2 bitcoins for #50,000 around 2008-2009 then forget it in a wallet, 2020 when i heard someone saying the cost of bitcoin per one is around #16,000000 i quickly went to my diary searched for the wallet password typed it, here and behold it was #16,000000 instead of #50,000 i sell and invested some of the money into my business and also purchased another upcoming coin. So you too can become like my friend and leverage cryptocurrency for future.

I hope you enjoy reading this piece, free free to drop your comment and please don't forget to share!!!

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