Legit online business that pays in nigeria

Earning money online in Nigeria is another form of hustling on it own, though some people most times called it side-hustle but i tagged it hustling because a lot of people have made it through online and more are still making it without them answerable to anyone.

Online business in Nigeria as a lot of benefits, that i will be listing out now, before introducing you to legit online businesses one can indulge in Nigeria.
As we all know they are so many online businesses out there on the web, but it good to know that only few are legits.

Benefits of starting an online business in Nigeria

  • You become the boss of yourself
  • You can run your online business anywhere and anytime.
  • Online business os stress-free compares to physical running of business.
  • Online business has potential of getting one rich quicker than those working (If only you know your way around the web).
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Legit online businesses that pays in Nigeria

1). Start online tutoring class: 

This method as being circulating the internet for a while now and i see a good reason to include it on the lists of legit online business because a lot of Nigerians are getting rich through it.
This online business is all about gathering group of people who are interested in learning a particular thing in a social media group chat then start tutoring them based on your experience or knowledge. In this online business, you earn by asking them to pay certain amount of money before or at the middle of the class.
Here are example of things people are likely to be interested in:

  •       How to cook
  •       Online graphics design class
  •       How to blog etc.

Additionally, a great and effective way to quickly gather interested people is by running adverts on Facebook or better still make your tutoring class known to your friends, family and ask them to share on your behalf.

2). Buy cryptocurrency and save it for future sales: 

Saving cryptocurrency for future sales is one of the best way to earn bountifully online, but the Federal Government in Nigeria as put a ban to cryptocurrency because many Nigerians as lost big time all in the name of doubling their coins. So my reasons for including cryptocurrency in the lists of legit online business is to make known to you about a company in Nigeria that still buy and sell cryptocurrency. This company re-strategize and they are carrying out their activities without any hindrance, the name of the company is Roqqu, i recently made my #50,000 as profits from selling dodge coins and the money is paid directly to my bank account.
So all you have to do is create an account with them, wallet the account by following instructions provided to you, then purchased the coin you want, forget it, wait for the coin to rise in price sell and cash out.

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3). Start a blog:

Many people are making it big time from blogging in Nigeria and blogging for money involves turning writing skills into business. This occur when an individual discovers an area of interest which he/she can write well about E.g (news, sports, fashion, agriculture, religion etc.), to develop huge followers' base, the person has to continue to write on a trending topics, so as to elicit interest/readership.
As the followers on the blog increases, business owners naturally becomes attracted to the blog for advert placement purpose or you apply for Google AdSense and earn money through them.

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4). Create an online forum: 

Forum is another legit online business you can indulge yourself in if you don't have what it takes to be writing articles. An online forum is a discussion website where people post about a topic for the purpose of getting opinion, answers or solutions from existing audience. You can create one just like nairaland and start making money when you displays AdSense adverts or when you run affiliate marketing. (Affiliate marketing is all about selling products of a given company in exchange for commission).

5). Start online mini-Importation:

This involves finding a physical products people want, import it from overseas at a cheaper rate e.g.  China or sourcing for it locally at a moderate price then sell it at a higher price for profit.
The weapon here is not the normal street hawking of products but DIGITAL MARKETING.

6). Create a YouTube channel: 

YouTube act exactly like a blog but here YouTube deals with videos and this requires skills development but currently in high demand. What sells products now is video. There is therefore high demand for YouTubers who can create and edit videos for product description, and you can still monetize your YouTube channel using Google AdSense.

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I hope you enjoy reading this piece, free free to drop your comment, share and always visit for latest updates on business.