how to learn phone repair

Phone is one of the greatest and most used electronic technology all over the world, which serves important purpose for both business and personal use which is certain it will surely develop a fault.

Uses of cellphones

here are purpose of using phone
Uses of cell phone

  • Phone helps in connecting people to long distance
  • Phone can be use to surf the internet

  • Phone can be use to promote business online etc.

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We can see from above listed uses of a cell phone, so it will be nice if you could learn how to repair phones, by so doing, you will be earning money big-time from both business owners, family, friends, neighbors, infact everybody as long as cellphones is deem to get spoiled and each time i discussed with people about learning an handwork most preferably how to repair a cell phone or smartphone anyone you called it, the very first question they always asked me is:

  • How long will it takes to learn how to repair a cell phone and when is the appropriate time to start learning? All of these i will explain in this post, but before then what is a phone repair.

What is a phone repair?

Phone repair is the act of fixing faulty phones and a cellphone repairer is a technician who fix issues of phones brought before him which earned his money from billing his customers.


How long does it take to learn phone repair?

 Here is my answer, learning an handwork comes from the mind, determination, focus and hard-working, the reason why i said so is simply because, i will use myself as today case study, i started learning how to repair phones immediately i finished writing my senior secondary west africa examination council exam (WAEC) during that time i have nothing doing and guess what? within 3---5 months i have learnt almost everything i need to know about cell phone repairs from my boss, a month later i did my freedom and that makes it 6 months all in all, till now am still repairing cell phone because it best to be a boss of oneself, aside that, cellphone phone repairs earned me more money than those working in an organization.

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When is the best or appropriate time to learn phone repair?

You can learn how to repair a cell phone in any age, like i said earlier you need to be determined, focused if possible quit your job, give it full attention, love what you are doing and in less amount of time you will definitely learn faster than imagine.

How to learn cell phone repair

1). You need to get yourself a boss that knows how to repair phones very well: 

I suggest that because learning from a boss that knows nothing will practically be of waste of time because "What your boss don't know can't teach you his apprentice".

2). Always be on your toe: 

New apprentice don't need to sit when boss is busy fixing customers phones, what you are to do is stand next to him watching, asking questions about the phones he is fixing, if possible please help him with losing of phones nuts and dismantling, from there you learn.

3). Get yourself all the necessary tools and be practicing at home: 

This is the most effective and fastest way to learn phone repair, you can start with your phone or your close ones cellphones and build yourself confidence through them, reason is because as a new apprentice your boss will not start entrusting costumers phones to you to fix until after some months when your boss is certain about your ability.

4). Don't be in haste to request for your freedom: 

I know i said few months but they are still some people whose learning is very slow compare to other. so take your time and make sure you are more confident about your ability before requesting for your freedom.

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