How i increase Crawl budget Google Search Console

How to increase Crawl budget Google Search Console

 Here comes another most important factor each and every bloggers wanting to increase the rate at which Google index/crawl their blogs or websites. This important factor is called Crawl budget; Crawl budget is all about search engines crawler assigning specific time to recrawl or revisit a particular blog. meaning each time you published a new article on your blog, the time it takes to appears under search engines is your crawl budget. Crawl budget, search engines assigned to each blogs or websites on the web differs, some new published posts appears in less than 2 hours, some after 24hours, even up to 48 or 72 hours. haven't you noticed some blogs who published an article some hours ago and it started appearing on search engines? yes you do, but all that comes your mind his probably because the blogs or websites is of higher authority that is why their posts are appearing very fast, well it contribute to it but that is not really the reason.

Here in this article i will explain to you how i increased my site crawl budget from 72 hours to less than a day or at max 24 hours.

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Note: in this post we will concentrate on Google because it is the most used search engine all over the web, and if your crawl budget increases on Google then automatically it increases on other search engines.

Again, creating your site with WordPress CMS doesn't mean Google will assign faster crawl budget, all that matters is what you as a blogger do at your own end. I will start with how to track your crawl budget before explaining how to increase it.

How to check your crawl budget on Google search console

This is easy and very important you as a blogger should know, because knowing that will give you an edge about "when you should be expecting your new published posts on Google". though, it a little bit time consuming but it worth it:

1). Goto your Google search console, click on sitemap, next to previously submitted sitemap "you will notice the last time Google crawl your site with the number of posts".

2). Now write the date down and publish a new post that day then keep checking the sitemap on your Google search console.

3). If the the last index changes after 24 hours then your site crawl budget is 24 hours but if it doesn't, just continue checking until you see change in last index date, then you will know your crawl budget.

Now let me quickly explain how you can increase your blog crawl budget on Google 

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How to increase Crawl budget Google Search Console

1). Write quality contents: 

Many bloggers out there after gotten AdSense approval they start scrapping contents from another blog to their blog, not knowing that Google search engine knows the owner of the contents, forget the fact that you may rank above the owner of the contents in Google because your blog as high authority but do know that Google will surely catch up with you sooner or later and when such happens; crawling rate will decrease, copied posts will receive de-rank, then all the blogs you copied from will receive your position.

2). Post frequently: 

Updating a blog frequently with new and fresh posts increases crawl budget. Why and How? Google crawlers hate it when they revisit a site hoping to get new posts to index, then they found out that the owner of the blog is not updating the site, what those crawlers will do is; they will watch your site for some days or weeks, still if the owner doesn't update his blog with new posts then crawl rate will decrease and slow crawl budget will be assigned to such blog.

So always update your blog with new/fresh articles in other to keep your crawl budget intact. At least update your blog with two to three articles every week.

3). Build backlink: 

Backlink building is essential to all bloggers wanting to rank high in search engine and it also among the most important factor that could increase a site crawling rate because it is considered as a vote to a blog. Let me quickly explain how i got to know that backlinks building contribute to increase in a site crawl budget:
First when i launch my blog in February 7 it use to take 3 to 4 days for new published posts to get index in Google even after a month it still the same thing, so i started building backlinks to it boom after 4 weeks my crawl budget changes to 48 hours then i also cultivate the habit of posting frequently with quality contents and it increases again as of now my crawl budget is less than 24hours or at max 24hours.

That is all you need to do to get your blog posts on Google almost immediately.

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