How to include search description tags to blog posts on blogger

How to include search description tags to blog posts on blogger

 Including search description tags to your blog posts is essential just as the same way you purchase a custom domain name. A search description tags tells search engines in summary the kind of information present in a particular post and is mostly used alongside with title tags to deliver correct results to people searches across the web.
You can choose to leave it blank and still rank on search engines first page, but i suggest you use it, because the words you wrote in the search description tags will reflect under your posts title each time search engines want to displays your posts on the web.
In addition, search description tags serves as a "snippets" which describes the title tags.

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Importance of using search description tag on posts

a). Search engines use it alongside with title tags to understand your post contents.
b). It yield more organic clicks if used appropriately.
c). It increases your posts seo performance.

how to write a search description tags and generate more clicks

1). Write something good, flashing, catching and sweet.
2). Make sure you include your keywords on the first and second lines.

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How to insert search description tags to blog posts on blogger

1). Goto to any posts you want to add search description and click *edit*. After clicking edit now click on *post setting icon* or drop down menu which is located at the right extreme end of the page. Check screenshot below

Screenshot image here

2). Click on *search description* under the *post setting* and type the search description you want.
Click on *done* and *update* the post.

That is all.

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