How to display code in Blogger posts

How to display code in Blogger posts image here

How can one pass across codes to blog-readers on a post? It's simple; display the code in your blog post. well it easy to say but, can be a little bit difficult to do if you host your blog on blogger.

Blogger blog unlike WordPress site is constructed using three programing languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), integrating anything outside these languages mentioned won't work on blogs created with blogger cms and you can not displays code or tags written in HTML format within posts easily, except you twerked your blog template, which could be time consuming. So here in this article i have a shorter step you can follow to achieve what you want to do in limited time.

What we will be using is <textarea> tag, let me brief you about textarea tag; Textarea tag is the same thing with <input> tag that accept text from users. but the difference is we use textarea tag when we want users of the internet to submit long or large text.

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How to display code in Blogger posts

1). Copy the codes you want to display to your blog-readers and goto your blogger dashboard.

2). Select and edit the post you want to insert the codes

3). Paste the codes in the place you want it to appear on the post

4). Click on the "pen icon" from the ribbon and switch from "compose" to "html" version

5). On the "html" version locate the starting point of the codes you pasted in the "compose" version and type <textarea> also scroll down and locate the ending then  type </textarea>
So the code will be like this <textarea> Your codes to display here </textarea>

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