How to disable right click WordPress

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Disabling right click on WordPress is all about  activating Wp content copy protection, thus making it impossible for fresher's to easily copy/paste on their websites, and not only the newbies does copy/paste, even some of these so called pro bloggers does copy and paste on their websites which isn't right because the owner of the contents took his precious time writing and you from nowhere came copy without even given he/she credits for the contents you stole. and what pains me alot atimes is: Search engines rank some of this stolen contents higher above owner of the contents simply because the site is more authoritative.

So, the best approach to tackle this is to disable right click which am going to help us with the steps and these steps is in two ways:

  • Disable right click with plugins
  • Disable right without plugins

Again, recently i noticed people searching on the web on how to disable right click on CSS, i was like CSS again!!! which i believe some bloggers have started copy/paste of CSS codes.
So don't worry all of this we be discussed in today's article.

Disable right click without plugins

Copy the codes below login to your Admin dashboard locate "Appearance" edit theme then click on the footer.php and paste the codes below right before </body>

<script type="text/javascript">
        $(document).ready(function () {
            //Disable cut copy paste
            $('body').bind('cut copy paste', function (e) {
            //Disable mouse right click
                return false;

Disable right click with plugins

This step is very easy for those who knows how to install plugins. All you have to do is Google search then download "WP Content Copy Protection and no right click" plugin and install it on your site.
After which you will enjoy it's features. these features includes Disabling "Ctrl + C", "Ctrl +V", "Ctrl + U", "CTRL +Shift +L".

How to disable right click CSS

This it not common and Disabling of right click on CSS is not possible for now. just leave them with their copy, copy and another thing to tackle or benefits from contents stealing is making sure you do internal link building, so when they copies your blog post you gain a backlink from them and that could improve your blog visibility on search engines.

I hope you enjoy reading this piece. free free to drop your comment and please don't forget to share!!!

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