How to create unique content for blog

How to create unique content for blog

 Creating unique contents is the best and fastest way to explore the web. but many find it hard, difficult, stressful and time consuming to come up with something unique. well i guess most of these people are the upcoming ones who just ventured into blogging. but guess what? i have prepared some steps you could follow to create unique contents each time you want to write articles on your blog, relax take a cup of coffee and read till the end.

What is unique contents?

Unique contents, for those who don't know means; writing articles without scrapping or copying from any source. i use the word "any source" because it not only from a blog one can scrap contents from, it could be done from any where. Examples: some people copies content from social media sites to their blog, some from YouTube, some from ebooks, even in physical life people copies what others have written which isn't right for a contents writer but am not going towards that direction, maybe some other time i will talk more on that, so am here for bloggers who want to learn the basics of creating unique contents.

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Basics of creating unique contents for blog

Everything have basics when it comes to blogging be it SEO, Drive traffics, Backlinks building just anything. here are two basics of creating unique contents:

1). You need to work on yourself: 

This is very important for all kind of contents writers, one needs to upgrade/improve from poor writing skills to advance and that can be done with the help of constant studying, taking note of ways people took in manipulating words in an articles. by so doing you will improve technically and mentally.

2). Don't be too carried away to steal someone else contents: 

I understood that many bloggers out there want's to make sure they satisfied their audience with the best contents ever but, have you for once put in consideration; if you were the one that wrote an article and someone from elsewhere stole the content and post it on his blog and got more engagement than you the owner of the post? i guess you may not know how it feels like, but from mine experience it really annoying and heart broken. So don't be too carried away by someone else contents.

Steps on how to create unique content for blog

before i start i will like to make something clear to us all, you see when we talked about creating unique contents, many bloggers got confused, some interpret it as posting or writing something that as not being written before, well it possible but what we actually mean by unique content is: practically the way your blog posts or articles is written, the "Differences" between your blog and websites covering the same topic. Now i continue with the steps to create unique contents.

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1). Make sure you make enough research about the topic you intend to write about: 

They is no way you could create unique content when you don't carry out research, like me all my post before written, i makes sure i visit two to three websites covering the topic i intended writing about and jot-down the key points together with points those sites didn't remembered to include in their post then i use it to create a version better than theirs, and guess what? when Google or other search engines even visitors sees it, they will got attractive to it and that means high ranking and it caused those visitors to return to my blog for more articles.

2). Avoid the use of saturated wordings: 

It not a must you fill your articles with grammar before your article can be tagged unique content, infact i preferred use of simple and straightforward English when writing a post, and when i talked about saturated wordings then i mean: words that is mostly use by bloggers like "You are in the right place", " in today's articles" stuffs like that isn't good enough for a professional content writer, though that does not hinder your posts from ranking but it looks un-unique to your visitors who visit your site. atimes when i came across such words when going through a blog posts i got irritated and i will skipped the introduction and scroll down to the solution.

3). Length of the article and avoid repeating words : 

This matters a lot when it comes to creating unique contents but not a direct factor to rank high on search engines, but longer article tend to perform well and yield more conversion that shorter articles, because for a particular topic to be covered, it as to be long at least from 350 words above is okay.

Avoid repeating the same words or sentence just to get your posts longer, it absolutely bad for your audience and search engines because by doing that, Google considered it as keywords stuffing which could hinder the post from not ranking high. to your audience it could got them irritated and once an audience get irritated, they left your blog for another one.

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4). Learn how to introduce short stories in your post: 

Given an illustration in a post does not only increase the number of words but it helps greatly to makes your audience understood the topic clear. Why and How? According to some set of people who carries out research long time ago, made us to understand that story telling is another form of imaginary movie to the listener which makes them to understood faster than just giving them the solution. That i just finished telling a short story, how do you see it cool right? yes, so always learn to tell stories in your articles for better understanding.

5). Last but certainly not least, endeavour to ask your audience about their opinion on the posts you have written: 

This is very important and should always comes next after you finished writing your articles. For example it could be written like this "I hope you enjoyed reading this article, you are free to drop your comments" by so doing, audience will have the zeal to drop a comment on the post and guess what? it becomes an interactive posts which others too will start asking questions.

That is that on creating unique content for blog.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, please feel free to drop your comments, share and don't forget to visit more often for latest updates.

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