How to add search box in Blogger header

How to add search box in Blogger header

Are you looking for means to add search box in your blogger blog header? you are in the right place because i know blogger cms have so many limitations, example; like the header part, main part, footer part are set to default not to accept any widgets. And you wish to mount a search box widget in the header part because it is the best place for easy visibility, well it is only possible through twerking your blogger-blog template, which am going to show you the steps to get it done and dusted.

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Why adding search box to a blog?

Adding search box to a blog increases users performances, making it possible for blog-readers to easily navigate through a site contents, category, labels, pages etc by simply typing keywords into the search box.

Aside that, search box contribute to a site beauty, making the site looks more presenting and professional. Though alot of template developed recently always comes with a search box at the header but if yourself is not present in the header then you need to add it.

Here i will work you through the steps you can take to add search box to your blogger-blog header.

Steps to add search box to blogger header

Before we start make sure you have backup your blog or click to learn how to do template backup.

1). login to your blogger dashboard and select "Template", click "Edit HTML".

2). Search for "Header", change the "wax-widget" from 1 to 2, and change element visible from "false" to "true".

3). Scroll up and save.

4). Goto "layout" and you will noticed an option to add another widget is present.

5). Now add "search box" widget and then save.

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