How do bloggers get paid in Nigeria and other countries

How do bloggers get paid in Nigeria

Here is another vital question mostly asked by fresher's wanting to vent into blogging, or let me put it this way, those that have already created their blogs but new in blogging sphere, please pardon my manners i called you fresher's, well everyone is still learning when it comes to blogging because blogging is wide which no one can know everything about it including me.

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Now let me drive into today's discussion "How do bloggers get paid in Nigeria and other countries"?:

They are many ways a blogger blogging from Nigeria or other continent could get paid but before you could get paid you need to monetize your blog first.

What is monetization?

Monetization is all about running some tasks on your blog then get paid by those who gave you the tasks which could be a company, organization or a person. two popular examples of tasks bloggers do run on their blog to get paid are:

  • Running of Affiliate marketing program on your blog
  • Displaying Adverts on your blog

Affiliate marketing program: This is all about helping company sell their products through your website in exchange for commission.

Displaying Adverts on your blog: This you earn whenever your blog readers click or view adverts, known as impression. but before you can start earning, you need to apply for Google AdSense, and once it approved adverts starts showing live.

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How blogger get paid in Nigeria

Like the Google AdSense i make mention, they pays bloggers directly to their Nigeria account, while other companies pays through PayPal, Payees or Bitcoin accounts.

How bloggers get paid in other countries

Just like the way those in Nigeria receive their payment, AdSense will pays you directly into your country means of payment, infact it will comes easy and simple to withdraw. Some companies too does the same thing it all depends on the Advertising network you choose to work with.

When do Google Adsense pay

AdSense operate on a monthly basis which pays it's publishers in every 21th-- 26th of each month when they reach a payment treshold of $100 or €60.

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