How to use h1 h2 h3 tags in wordpress and blogger: SEO For Blog Article

How to use h1 h2 h3 tags in wordpress and blogger seo for blog article

The use of "H" known as heading tags appropriately in an article increase chances of it ranking high in search engines because heading tags are basic tags in html which defines a webpage. Aside that, the use of heading tags properly makes blog posts appears more readable, user-friendly, neat and presentable to blog readers.

So here in this article i will discuss about H1, H2, H3 and H4 heading tags. This will help you understood where to use each of these heading tags when writing your articles, i will start with the hierarchy.

h1, h2, h3, h4 tags hierarchy

h1, h2, h3 and h4 heading tags example

  • H1 major heading tag or title tag (largest size)
  • H2 heading tag(large size)
  • H3 sub heading tag (medium size)
  • H4 minor heading tag (small medium size)

H1 tag

H1 major heading tag is one of the prominent tag that should be present in a blog post. the h1 major heading tag carries the post title along with targeted keywords which usually comes first before other details in an article. search engines and user of the internet reads the h1 tag to determine the contents of the article, and it is advisable a you use one h1 heading tag per article.

How can i specify the H1 tag for my post title?

I know the most used CMS all over the world is Blogger and WordPress, so you need not to select tag to use when writing a blog post title, automatically it on default to be added unless for WordPress users you can altered that with the help of a plugins if you know your way around it. Blogspot users yours is not h1 tag but title tag which is the same.

H1 heading tags example

h1 heading tag can be written in two ways, which is: by using the <title> tag or the <h1> tag
Some templates are constructed to apply the two at once on a  post title which some are one. Whether two or one it still the same thing, the code looks like the below
<title> Your blog post title here</title>
<h1> your title here </h1>


<title><h1>Your blog post title here</h1></title>

h1 major heading tag image

H2 tags

H2 heading tag comes next after the title which is known as the "heading" a blog posts should contain one h2 tag because some templates are designed to use h2 tag for title instead of h1 tag so if you have specify the title you don't need to add another h2 tag after writing the title.


h2 heading tag image

Difference between h1 and h2 

The two are considered as heading tags but h1tag which is the major heading as the highest priority above h2 heading tag thus rendering it's text more bolder, large and strong. I know many bloggers question will be: Should i locate my title and makes sure i changes all to H1 if it on H2 ? Well i see no reason for that; either h1 or h2 heading tag the both serves the same purpose in SEO.

h1 and h2 heading tags image

H3 tag

H3 heading tag comes after the h1 and h2 tag which is known as the "subheading" we use it whenever we want to explain related topic in a post. A blog posts can contain many h3 tags as long as you don't add another h1 or h2 tag after writing the title.

For example your blog title is: How to start a sim card business the subheading comes next which could be "What is a sim card" and so on, just highlight the sentence and select "subheading" from your cms ribbon.  

H3 heading tag example <h3> H3 subheading tag</h3>

h3 subheading tag example

H4 tag

H4 minor heading tag comes next after the H3 subheading tag which is known as the "minor heading" we use the minor heading when we have subtopics under H3 tags.
For instance, your post title is "sim card business" and the subheading is "types of sim cards" you can use the minor heading to list them out "Airtel", "Mtn", "Glo", "Etisalat" if you have enough texts to write under each types of sim or better still you can use the paragraph.

H4 heading tag example
<h4> h4 minor heading tag</h4>

h4 minorheading tag example


Please keep in mind that you can’t jump the tags like h1>h3 this will be the wrong way to do things. You must follow the hierarchy h1>h2>h3>h4.

Thanks for reading, free free to drop your comment and visit often for lastest updates.

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