Google keeps stopping android

Android as stopped working is one of the most disturbing, annoying bug in an Android device which keeps users away from operating their phones, because each time this bug comes up everything in the phone will not be accessible untill you restart the phone, atimes even if you restart, it won't still work and that could be devastating.

So, here in this article i will explain to you how to fix it, but before i do, let me quickly explain what could be it cause so as to take precautions.

Causes of Google keeps stopping android and it precautions

1). Installation of Android app from third parties: 

If you are downloading apps from third parties like appmonk, apkfun could results to Android as stopped working, because the app you downloaded/installed must have been infected with virus and that is a very good reason why you should download your app from Google play store. Why Google play store?
Google play store before allowing any apps to be published, they will first of all run series of test on the app and see if it free from any virus.

2). Prominent app as being disabled: 

This is another thing that could cause Android as stopped working, for example prominent app like Google play services should never be disable because it is a very important app that should be running at all time. Well most times it unintentional those prominent applications are disable. It may be through pressing, pressing of phone without having knowledge about what we're doing or giving our phones to a little child that have no idea what he/she is pressing.

3). Some apps need updates: 

Apps in our Android device needs to be updated once in awhile because each time the developer of those app rolls out latest version or updates, the old one's became outdated and that could cause Android device stopped working.

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Steps to fix Google keeps stopping android

Before i start with the steps i will like us to know that some people will not be able to use this steps because if it in a critical condition that you can't access your settings then am sorry to say you have no option than to factory reset your phone using hard-reset keys or better still flashed your phone with laptop.

For those who can still access their phones settings let us ride on.

1). goto to your phone "settings", click on "application" and sort for chrome browser, select it and "disable it, if it enabled" but "if it disable, just enabled it" restart your phone and see if it fixed.

2). If still the errors persists, repeat the above process again but this time around do it for "Google play store and Google play services".
Note: the Google play store and Google play services should be left "enabled" not disabled. restart and see how it goes.

3). After restarting and the bug is still there, then you need to check if the "Android Webview" or "Android System Webview" is disabled, if it is, kindly enabled it and try updating it. You can locate Android Webview under your application or better still use the search box after clicking on application.

That's all for Google keeps stopping android solution, you are free to drop your comment, share and visit more often for latest tech updates.