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 Sim registration app is mainly to register new subscribers into the network provider one big family; i called it family because everyone rich or poor gets to enjoy the same benefits, the only difference is the tariff plan, but today am not going towards that direction am simply here to share with us what i know about "Glo sim registration app download".

Now i will love to give answer to a question related to today's article before i proceed further in this discussion. here is the question:

Can i register my GLO SIM by myself? 

People usually asked on the internet about this question and i see a reason to give my honest answer, which is "No" you cannot register your Glo sim card yourself, except you are an agent. To Register your Glo sim card all you have to do is locate or visit any Glo outlet nearest to you and get your sim card registered for free.

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Secondly, for those looking for means to download Glo sim registration app, am sorry to say yours too is "No" only Glo agents have access to the app, and if you are an agent and you mistakenly uninstall the registration app then what you are to do is; take your registration device visit the nearby Glo head office for the app to be reinstalled and configured.

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