Eco mining review and how to register

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Eco mining is reliable and one of the best cloud mining platform that deals with number one leading crypto currency in the world which is Bitcoins. Eco mining operate by taking little investment from you then use their machines to mined Bitcoin for you, and you can also, choose to buy the mining machine from them and earn from service charge fee on daily basis or better still request for your mining machine to be brought down to your place.

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Here are what the company offers:

  • Mining on investment
  • Wallet to store crypto currency
  • Promo for investors


Why should i make an investment?

Bitcoin is on a very fast track and according to those in crypto space we were made to understand that the price of Bitcoin as only increases by 7--10% from ending of 2020 to 2021 and it still increasing day by day, so instead of storing the Bitcoin in your wallet wouldn't it be nice if you invest it in Eco mining and start earning twice or thrice your money according to the package you selected?? Oh yes it sounds great but, i know many people are scared of loosing their money. 

Well countless times i too have been doped but since the day i found eco mining company i have no regrets entrusting them with my money or Bitcoin so instead of keeping this great and wonderful experience i had with the company to myself i feel i should spread the news through a post.

Package or plans of eco mining

Eco mining deals with hashing rate  the higher the number of hashrate you purchased the faster you will be earning daily.
It plans range from 1 hashrate (th/s) to 1000 hashrate and immediately you Registered, the company will credit you with free hashrate which last for a month with free 10hashrate for verification of gmail.

Side note: Eco mining is not a get rich quick platform but certainly you gonna earn over time and you get to request for payment once you mined or have earned 0.001 btc in your eco dashboard.

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How to register for eco mining

1). Visit  https://cp.ecos.am/ or click here 

2). on the site click on "Register" input your gmail, phone number and password then click on submit. 

3). After that, a confirmation message will be sent to the Gmail you provided, so login to your Gmail account and click on the link in the message.

4). On the dashboard locate profile after you login and fill all the necessary details such as your bitcoins wallet address, address etc.

5). On the same dashboard click on "+" button to increase and set the hashrate According to your pocket. Like i said earlier, the higher the th/s hashrate the faster it will be mining, and at the same time the price for high hashrate is more compare to low hashrate.

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Good luck!!

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