4 causes of delay in blog post indexing on Google

4 causes of delay in blog post indexing on Google

They are so many factors that can cause delay in indexing rate of a blog posts on Google but here in this article i will be listing out some with it's solution because i know many of we bloggers love to see our new published post got index faster.

Causes of delay in blog posts indexing

a). Wrong submission of sitemap
b). Bad template with invalid tags
c). No label on posts
d). Wrong usage of robots tags

1). Wrong submission of sitemap

Wrong submission of sitemap can hinder your blog posts from indexing. Google search console have format for sitemap submission, you can't submit a sitemap that end with another extension other than the one required. Click here to learn how to submit required sitemap in Google search console.

2). Use of bad template with invalid tags 

Bad template can also reduce your blog indexing rate if the template is not constructed well. Some tags in template can reduce indexing rate, most especially if the template designer uses old scripts or tags that Google crawler does not understand.

3). No label on posts

No label on posts is another thing that can cause your blog posts not to index faster. Infact it is a must for you to tag your posts with label else, it will leads to breadcrumbs issues because Google used label you specified in your blog posts to understand the contents of your articles and also use it to supply solutions to users on the web. Without a label on your blog-posts indexing rate will reduce.

4). Wrong usage of robots tags 

Google crawler respect robots tags alot when it comes to indexing and crawling. This tags tells Google crawler which posts to index and which posts not to index and wrong usage of it will cause your blog posts not to appear faster on Google search engine.

Now let discuss how to fix the above issues and help Google in crawling rate.

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How to help Google in crawling your posts faster

a). Learn how to submit the right sitemap.
b). Use template from well known designer or better still purchase premium version of template to avoid invalid tags.
c). Always remember to include label to all your blog posts.
d). Don't use robots tags if you do not have any knowledge about it.

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