Business that moves fast in nigeria

Nigeria is a blessed country with numerous resources. I welcome you all to today's edition about business, do know we at kenlegit are always striving to bring to you the best business tips and ideas to help you successful, but here in this article i will be listing out businesses that moves fast in nigeria. As we all know business that moves fast in another country may likely not to moves fast in Nigeria, and indulging in such businesses is not a good decision for those who collected loan or those who have the intension to start cashing out almost immediately after setting up the business. so are you a Nigerian looking for idea about business that moves fast in Nigeria? you are in the right place.

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Here are four businesses that moves fast in Nigeria.

1). Fruit selling business: 

Is one of the best when it comes to businesses that moves fast in Nigeria but Nigerians see this business local, not to their knowledge that fruit selling Is profitable, move fast and lucrative business one should indulge in. Why?

  • Fruits are known to be an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals which provide a wide range of health-boosting, and can also reduce a person's risk of developing heart disease, cancer, inflammation, and diabetes. so the demand for fruits is high.
  •  Fruits can be use as what we Nigerians called "Oyoyo". Oyoyo is a pidgin language which is use to describe a person who buy something on his way home, mainly to share to those who welcome him.

2). Recharge card selling business: 

Selling of recharge cards is another business that moves fast in Nigeria but, not an option to those who want's to start as a retailer, because the profits are not much. for example, on each recharge card of hundred naira #100 you sell your profit is #3----#4 de pending on the location but if you if you want to start this business as wholesaler then the business can worth trying because wholesalers earns nothing less than #6---#10 per sales of #100 recharge card.

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And one more thing, this business is nice and profitable if people are demanding for #500 or #1000 recharge cards because the profits are way too okay.

3). Foodstuffs selling business: 

This business is divided into two parts which is:
Selling of raw food and selling of cooked food.
Food is a means of survival to we humans which can never be neglected and it is among the fast moving business in Nigeria. Here i will start with raw food.

  •  Raw food are unprepared food, gotten directly from the farm. raw foodstuffs are what will cook meaning; there is no way one can bypass buying of raw foodstuffs if we want to prepare something eatable. so what am saying in general is selling of raw foodstuffs is a fast moving business not only in Nigeria but all over the world. you can collide with farmers that will be supplying you the raw foodstuffs if you are interested in starting this business.
  •  Cooked food are already prepared food, which you can leverage on, by setting up a restaurant for people to come and eat. the truth is; not everyone love to cook, most especially the bachelors, business workers and some ladies.

4). Sports viewing center: 

Is another fast moving business in Nigeria one can start because naturally men love watching sports and here in Nigeria to watch sports most especially foreign matches one needs to have a satellite dish with subscription on it to be able to connect live, but the issue is money to pay for subscription, so many people preferred going to a sports viewing center then pay to watch.

Aside that, some people have money for subscription but they just love group watching because it is fun.

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Other fast moving business in Nigeria

1). Porn corn business

2). Drinks selling business

3). Pos business

4). Confectioneries business

5). Phone accessories selling business

6).  Pure water selling business

7). Saya, chicken and shawarma selling business

8). Sim card business

I hope you enjoy reading this piece, free free to drop your comment, share and always visit for latest updates on business and lot more.