blogger permalink: why you need to specify it in every of your posts

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Permalink is very important aspect in SEO for both WordPress and Blogspot users as it contains your title, and if it contains your blog title then it carries keywords too because i believe you include users search keywords in your title.

So today article is for bloggers on blogspot which am going to open their eyes to something that most blogspot users don't know about permalink.

Do you know after upgrading to the latest version of cms i discovered that they have included length on some SEO things that you a blogspot users need to edit befor posting an article? I guess you don't know and one of it is the permalink which i will urge us all to select custom permalink instead of the automatic permalink in other to bypass the length specify, then fully write the title URL complete.

Now let me quickly explain what permalink is for those of you who don't.

What is permalink?

Permalink is a link to an article and this link is always named after your blog post title. For instance if your blog post title is "How to create a blog" the permalink will first start with your domain name, follow by date and the blog post title" ending with .html extension which will be: for the above example.

but blogger CMS recently choose to shorten it and that could drastically reduce your ranking on that particular post because your keywords in the permalink is shortened.

So now i will show you how you can bypass that and increase your SEO performance on posts.

How to apply custom permalink in blogspot

1). Login to your blogger dashboard and make a post, then just before you publish the post click on "setting icon" located at the right extreme end of the page, select permalink and checked the radio button next to "custom".

2). Start writing your blog post title and use - in-between space example: How-to-create-a-blog

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then publish and if you have already posted your articles and it as not started ranking then all you need to do is locate the post, click edit, draft the post and edit the permalink if you noticed shortage in the permalink then publish. but if your post is already ranking No need to update your permalink because if you do, it will caused you to lose traffics, as it will be showing empty 404 page to users from search engine.

Now your turn, please do well by sharing this information with other blogspot users and free free to drop your comment!!!

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