blogger is ??

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 This question "blogger is" as two meanings in blogging-sphere, so today am going to elaborate on the topic for clear understanding for those of you who don't know, but before i do, i will love to start by giving the definition of the normal blogger everyone knows before the second blogger.

A blogger is a person who create a blog for the purpose of sharing ideas, knowledge, experience on what he knows with a mindset of earning money in exchange of what he/she wrote simply by displaying/showing adverts, or by offering products for sells through affiliate marketing program to his audience (blog-readers).

The second blogger is a free platform use in designing a blog, which have a user friendly layout making it easy for everyone both pro and fresher's to create their blog with or without knowledge about coding.

So now that we have concrete understanding about this topic "blogger is" then it high time you vent into blogging, because blogging is one of the best online, side-hustle business that can make you get rich if you knows what it takes to offer solution or  answers to people across the internet based on your knowledge.

Again, it is good to know that when you start your blogging journey there is a lot of obstacle you will face as a blogger but, if you overcome those obstacles i bet you will laugh/enjoy last. and a blogger must be a person that is good in research making, knows how to write well, patient, committed, knows how to drive traffics etc. if not he won't last long because frustration alone could make him quit blogging career.

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