big business ideas

The web is over saturated with small scale business ideas to start in any country, does that means once someone acquire riches maybe through inheritance or other source he/she won't find something worth doing to increase or bring that riches to another dimension which is wealth? No, it not done that way because if a man becames idle without working, just because he his rich or something then that person is only trying to invite poverty back into is life.

So here i will list out some big lucrative business ideas to vent into.

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1). Hotel business: 

This business is cool when it comes to big lucrative business one can start in any country. why and how? By nature every human on this planet earth love flexing, and a wonderful place to receive great treat is in the hotel, almost everything one needs to enjoy pleasure is there, is it swimming pool, drinking bar, restaurant, haircut saloon, or a nice room to lounge? everything is there, and according to my research an average hotel owner makes nothing less than a million naira or more in a month as profits so if you vent into hotel business am sure you will be glad with it's turnout.

Additionally, you need to employ someone skillful a manager, in a contract to manage/run and grow the business on your behalf.

2). Transportation business: 

Here is another lucrative big business ideas one can indulge in, i find this lucrative because day in day out we humans depend on taxi, bus and others as means of transportation. so do you know what it takes to buy new taxi, bus or tricycle and offers it as means of transportation? i guess you don't know this is a money spinning business ideas you can dive into and  increase your wealth.

Additionally, in this business you need trustworthy and patience drivers you can entrust your property to. which is the (taxi, bus, tricycle, motorcycle etc.) if not you could regrets going into the business.

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3). Agriculture business: 

Most of all this politicians or rich  people in some country are agriculturalist, they have their own farm which produce or yield bountifully in it's seasons. having a farm does not mean you will be the one holding hoe/cutlass to make ridges. No that is not it, yours is just to buy or get a large scale of land, employ people to be working for you and you start cashing out during harvest. And when we talked about agriculture it consists of both animal and plant, which you can practice the two at once or better still start with one for the main time and see how it goes.

4). This is general for all kinds of big business: 

They are so many business ideas out there but it all depends on how you the entrepreneur build it to became big, follow your heart, do the needful and makes sure you start something don't limit or get too carried away with the fortune you have presently, it can blew into the air as wind.

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