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 This is my third article on sim registration app download, previously i discussed on Mtn and Glo so if you you have missed it kindly check the "previous posts" at the end of this discussion to read.

 Airtel users are you here!!! i believe you reading this post practically you are looking for means to download Airtel sim registration app, which am going to reveal the name to you so you can go your Google play store, download and install but, before i do, i will always love to clarify somethings which i did in the previous posts.

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Downloading of Airtel sim registration app will be useless if you are not an agent. sim registration app require agent username/password signed in before the registration portal becomes accessible. as side that, the smart phones agents use in registering subscribers are configured by the service supplier network, so if you are looking forward to download this app for self registration then i will said to you "No it not possible" to register your new/old sim card if you are not an agent.

Here is the name of the app Airtel agents use in registering sims "Airtel kyc".

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