you need to fix some things before your account can be approved solution

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 You need to fix something to use adSense is one of the most trending or i will said the most seen rejection message AdSense always sent to bloggers who got rejected, and many bloggers most especially the fresher's got confused on what to fix or where to start to solve this issue.

Well this rejection message means a lot, as it covers things against AdSense policies, which may be "contents policy violation", "important pages policy violations like: About, contact, privacy policy".

So today i will be explaining how i fixed mine and got approved.

Also, do know that this rejection message may comes in different ways such as the below but it all mean the same thing.

  • we've found some policy violations on your site which means your site isn t ready to show ads yet
  • you need to fix some issues before your site is ready for adsense
  • please fix the issues we found so we can proceed with connecting your site
  • we've found some issues that are policy violations that you must fix

Solution for you need to fix some things to use AdSense or policy violation

1). Contents: 

Contents is always the king in getting AdSense approval, if you wrote something unique, fresh, copyright free, not against their policy then you are more than half way in fixing policy violation.

Many bloggers who usually got policy violation from AdSense is as a result of them posting something against AdSense policy. Examples of such is: Hacking articles, dangerous articles, Adults articles etc, and another thing i discovered is this; A word against AdSense policy like "S€¥" in an article can triggered AdSense A.I to mark the entire article as policy violation, so it is very important you avoid using such languages in your articles because AdSense will not check the homepage you insert the verification code, AdSense will scan and check the entire blog before approving the site.

And if you are very sure that your articles is free from such and you are still getting rejection message "you need to fix some things to use AdSense" then you need to continue updating your blog with more fresh articles, because atimes little, short or low quality contents can cause program policy violation.
Even i too got rejected twice for program policy violation when my articles are free from policy violation, thank goodness i continue posting new, unique, long articles and i got approved. So do the same to fix the issue.

2). Important pages: 

Make sure you have all the necessary pages on your blog, this too can cause program policy if you don't have, and make sure the pages are well written, most especially the (About, contact and privacy policy).

About page should clearly explain the purpose of the blog together with your biography.
Contact page should have your phone number, Gmail address, social media accounts username so that people can easily get to you.
Last but not the least Privacy policy: Despite the fact that you can use an online policy generator to create a privacy policy page doesn't mean all these online generators are inline with AdSense criterias. What am saying in essence is first visit Adsense policy page to know exactly what you need to include in your privacy policy before generating one.
Or click here to learn what should be in your privacy policy on AdSense page. After visiting, scrolling down to "privacy related policies".

That's all on this topic so your turn now, please do well to share, visit more often for latest update on blogging, business, sports and free free to drop your comment!!!

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