Simple trick to change your blogger email address for login

change blogger email address for login

To create a new blog on blogger.com we need a working Gmail account/password to complete the whole process of creation. This Gmail account/password you provided during these creation, will be your blogger identification or verification username each time you want to sign in to your blog dashboard. Blogger.com uses this Gmail account/password to create a profile for you and also use it to distinguish between the real owner of a particular blog from hackers if the Gmail account/password is enter wrongly. I come to discovered that some people use any or random gmail-address to complete the whole process and later in future when the blog is gaining more traffics and becoming useful and important, they began to regret and wishes to change the previous login Gmail account to a different one, which am very sure that there are no option to change or switch login Gmail account on blogger settings. The only option i know blogger.com provided is "invite or add a users" to contribute to your blog.

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So if you are one of those people looking for means to change their blogger Gmail address for logging in. this post is for you, just follow the below steps.

Easy steps to change your email address on blogger

1). Goto blogger.com
From the dashboard select *setting*

2). Locate *PERMISSIONS* and click on "Invite more authors".

3). After clicking, "invite more authors" now provide the gmail account you want to switch to and send, a message will be sent to the gmail account open the message and accept the invitation message.

4). Go back to blogger login with your old Gmail account, click on the drop down menu next to the new Gmail account you just added as author in your settings and select "Admin". After that logout and sign in the New Gmail account and goto *invite more authors* under *Permission* and click the "X" button next to the old Gmail address to delete.

Wow am glad to tell you that, you have successfully changed your blogger logging Gmail account.

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