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Blogging as being in existence for ages now and it is a platform to share things, ideas, experience you know to the world through writing, and blogging in short form can be called online-writtings, i called it online-writting because it more of writing articles, not just anyhow articles but useful contents. blogging have two types of bloggers, we have the passionate blogger and business bloggers. 

Passionate bloggers: this type of blogger start a blog for love he as for writing, mainly to provide solution to people based on his knowledge, experience and ideas. 

Business bloggers: this type of blogger start a blog mainly to promote is business through showcasing is products and services online, in other to increase is company sales. 

In nutshell before you dive into blogging know exactly why you want to start it.

What is a blog? 

A blog is a discussion or informational website. A blog is the same as a news paper or magazine that people read in other to keep them updated. A blog should contains unique posts, interesting or important information that will be of great help to users across the web. 

How to create a blog 

You can create a blog through different platforms example: WordPress, Blogger, Wix etc. but today we will be using blogger.com also known as blogspot, i recommend blogspot because it easy and not as complicated as other cms like WordPress. but if the blog you're planning to create is beyond writing, posting of pictures and videos i will advice you go for WordPress because with WordPress you can create any form of website. 

Why blogspot? 

blogspot is owned by Google and it is beginner friendly, with blogspot you can create a unique blog without having much knowledge about coding. also, blogspot provide you with unlimited storage with free lifetime hosting plan. 

What is hosting? 

This is where your site is hosted and it is an online storage server or a database that holds everything on your site. 
What are the things you need to create a blog on blogspot 
  • Gmail account 
  • Smart phone or laptop 
  • Data subscription

Here is a video on how to create a blog from your phone:

How to create a blog on blogspot 

1. Goto blogger.com 

2. Click on the button "create a blog" and provide your Gmail account and password. 

3. Now input a name into the blog title field. Note: the blog title name should not be lengthy. 

screenshot here

4. Choose a URL address. E.g (kenlegit.blogspot.com). If it shows unavailable then you have to think for another name to input, but if the URL is thick then you are good to go. Side note: the URL is a subdomain. 

5. Select a themes or template and click on "create blog". The layout button allows you to change the look of your blog. And also, you can use the layout to remove or rearrange gadgets. Gadgets are element that forms a blog. 

6. Pages from the dashboard is use to post important articles like "About us", "Contact", "privacy policy", "disclaimer" while *posts* button is use for writing articles. 

Last and not the least, please go for topics you have knowledge about, and don't scrapped content from other sites. Let your contents be unique, original and free from any kind of abuse.  

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Three most important factors in blogging 

1). Contents: 

I don't need much explanation on this just make sure you don't copy people contents. post something unique, fresh, original and ensure you explain clearly for better understanding. 

2). Traffics & Keywords: 

Are essential in blogging life, a blog without traffics is nothing but a waste, and writing without having a targeted keywords in mind is bad if you want to pull traffics from search engines. Keywords helps search engine as well as your blog readers know what type of information is in that posts, and don't just start writing articles always target what people are searching for and remember to include those keywords in your post title. 

Traffics is divided into three types: 

  • Direct traffics: This type of traffic comes from audience who type a blog URL directly into the browser. 
  • Referral traffics: This are traffics coming from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram whatsapp, Pinterest etc. you can get this traffics by simply posting on your social media accounts. 
  • Organic traffics: This are pure free traffics coming from search engine like Google, Bing, Yandex. All you need to do is submit your blog sitemap to their webmaster and watch your traffics grows. 

3). Backlinks: 

Backlinks is considered to be a voting system in which Search Engines used in ranking a website, the higher the numbers of quality backlinks, the more visible the site will be on search engines. 

Types of backlinks 

They are two types of backlinks, which is dofollow and nofollow: 

  1. Dofollow backlinks: these type of links are beneficiary links that passes juice from a site to another site and can also help in boosting a site ranking, this types of links are mostly used by Google and other search engines to rank a site over another sites on the web. 

  2. Nofollow backlinks: are inbound links that does not pass juice from a site to another site, but can help in driving traffics to a blog. Google search engine does not follow or use this types of links to rank a site over another, but some search engines respect and considered it as a ranking factor. 

you can build backlinks through comments, forum, guest posts, social media and can be checked using online backline checker like: Moz, silktide nibbler smallseotools. 

Side note: be careful when building backlinks, and don't spam or submit your blog to online "backlink generator" so you won't get your blog penalized. 


 Blogspot is the easiest way to create a blog among other CMS. In the next article will we explain to you how you can build your blog to the fullest, so stay tuned and don't forget to share and drop your comment. 

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