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Sport Huancayo in nickname (Rojo Matador) which was founded in February 7, 2008, 13 years ago as been gaining promotion upon promotion after wining the 2008 Copa Peru'.

The club qualified for the 2009 Torneo descentralizado as Copa peru' champion after winning Atle'tic Torino, Colegio Nacional Iquitos and Cobresol in the Copa Peru's Final stage.

So when the club was in fourth place in the 2009 Torneo descentralizado they receive classification to the 2010 Copa Sudamericana, with Cristo'bal Cubilla as their coach, they got eliminated by Defensor Sporting in the second stage.

2011 Terneo descentralizado, the club finished in third place and was classified to it's first Copa Libertadores for the 2012 season.

So in the 2012 Copa libertadores, the club got eliminated by Arsenal de sarandi in the first stage.

What i really love about club Huancayo is the good spirit they start with and up till now that spirt is still there.

Here is the name of Sport Huancayo players

1.Giancarlo Carmona

2. Jimmy Valoyes

3. Herve Kambou

4. Leonardo Villar 

5. Alfredo Rojas

6. Hugo Angeles

7. Moise's Vela'squez

8. Marcio Valverde

9. Daniel Morales 

10. Victor Pen'a

11. Victor Balta

12. Marcos Lliuya

13. Luis Campos

14. Milton Benitez

15. Joseph Vega

16. Anthony Fuentes

17. Jose Luis Bazan

18. Carlos Caraza

19. Joel Pinto

20. Federico Nicosia

21. Eder Hermosa

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