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Designing a workshop properly is another means of preventing or preventive measures against unnecessary sustains of injuries.

The truth is, if a workshop is not designed properly the rate at which customers, and workers in that particular workspace or workshop will be sustaining injuries will be high and that could bring shortage or lost to the owner of the workspace because he will be the one to be responsible for the payment of medical bills.

So today i will be listing out two possible way your can design your workshop against unnecessary sustains of injuries:


1). Design your workshop in such a way customers can view everything you have done from outside without necessarily going into the main workspace: Not untill you took your customers into your factory before they will be able to preview things, and sustaining of injuries in a workshop can happen to your costumers too, because no one can tell if something dangerous is on the floor of your workshop, so by taking them in for preview may result to them stepping on those particles and them gotten injured.
So to prevent that from happening, have a separate room for previewing, or what we Nigerians called (show-room) mainly to displays your finished products.


2). Have a separate room for keeping tools: i discovered that a lot of workspace doesn't have a separate room where working tools are kept, everywhere is choked up with working tools and this equipment can be dangerous because some are made with metals, sharp at it edges and some are made with plastic which can easily be broken into pieces and injured your workers.

So have a separate room where you keep your tools and make sure you provide a booth and handgloof at the entrance so that any one going in to bring working tools will be safe from unnecessary sustains of injury.

Your turn please do well by sharing and if you have more possible ways of designing a workshop against unnecessary sustains of injuries, you are free to drop it off the comment box and it will be updated on this article. Thanks