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Mobile phones are portable telephone that connects you with the telephone network using radio waves, and one thing i love so much about cellphone business is the Gold mine involved.

Do you know you can be making money dealing with scrap phones? i guess you don't know because most people involved in this kind of business won't tell you what they are earning, but today i will uncovered that secret to you and see if it will interest you.

but before then let me quickly explain what is scrap-phones: 

  • Scrap-phone are phones people abandoned after developing issues so rather than getting it fixed some people preferred replacing it with another one.
  • Also, a scrap-phones are phones that are beyond repairs.

What is this business about?

This business is all about buying mobile phone panel at cheap rate from people and sell it to companies that recycle mobile phones.

mobile phones panels screenshot

What is mobile phone panel? 

Mobile phone panel also known as "board" is the machinery that makes the phone to works.
And one good thing about this business is, you make alot when you split sell to the company.
This is what i mean by split-sell: when your customers brought a scrap phone to you, first open the phone if it comes with casing and if it only the panel remove the cameras and vibrator from the board and sell it off separately.
Here is screenshot of vibrator and cameras for those who don't know.

mobile phone cameras and vibrators screenshot

Side note: it only the panels, cameras and vibrators you sell to company the remaining things such as: the casing, screen, speaker, batteries etc can fetches you extra income when you sell them to phones repairers.

One important thing you need to do before starting this business

  • Make enquiry from those that will be buying the scrap panel on the price before starting: I suggest this because knowing the price will make you know how much you will be buying from your customers. and take note: the company price per panel may changes from time to time but, most times it works in your favour. So always ask for the price in other to stay updated.

Names of company that buy mobile phone panel in some country and links to get buyers in your country

  1. Nigeria
    • Jinapelli International Company Ltd, Buyer From Bariga, Lagos Nigeria. Phones and powerbanks.
    • Kenvali Global Ltd. Buyer From Lagos State, Nigeria Mobile phones, mobile phone accessories.

  4. China
    • Precise Int. Buyer From Shenzhen, China Electronic scrap, computer motherboard scrap, CPU scrap, mobile phone scrap, RAM scrap
    • Alpha Industrial. Buyer From Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China Used laptop computers, scrap cell phones, mother board, telecom board, used TFT LCD monitors, electronic scrap.

Two related business you can add when running scrap phone business

  1. Sell fairly used phones:  Selling of fairly used phones is another profitable electronics business you can add to your scrap phone business because the demands for it is high in the market.

    What are fairly used phones?
    Fairly used phones are phones that are rebranded, tested, verified and less expensive to buy compare to purchasing new phones.

    Why people buy fairly used phones?
    • They are less expensive
    • It is tested and free from any fault

  2. Sell phone accessories: As mobile phone is an important assets each and every human being possess all over the world, the demands for it's (accessories) is also high, so if you can add it up with your scrap phone business then it will be an additional income for you.

examples of accessories to sell: phone chassis, earphone, anti-screen protector, chargers.

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